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Petition to George Eustice MP
the experts, simple nuisance or minor damage are not legally sanctioned as reasons to kill gulls orRead more

Patrick DriscallSwansea, WLS, United Kingdom
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Created April 20, 2021
Petition to Rt Hon Damian Hinds MP
outlines the most effective methods of deploying teaching assistants, there is research being working people the simple right to a national framework for their jobs, career structure and payRead more

Pushpa MakwanaLondon, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created June 12, 2015
economy are unique factors of the current Canadian society which cannot simply be balanced by old methods/simple strategies as they have been been implementing in the past. Government and Bank of CanadaRead more

BC InflationCanada
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Created October 7, 2022
Petition to ambassador, Jerry Brown, President Moon Jae-in, Governor Hee-Ryong Won 제주특별자치도 원희룡 도지사
① No one shall commit the following acts toward animals: 1. Act of killing by brutal methods, such email if you can.  It's very quick and simple.   https://govnews.ca.gov/gov39mail/mail.php http://koreandogs.org/  Read more

KoreanDogs​.​org TeamSunnyvale, CA, United States
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Created December 22, 2014
Petition to Christophe Fanichet, Jean-Pierre Farandou
, under a train. Using simple and effective methods, and without necessarily triggering train delays extreme rescue methods cited by SNCF or by Neko’s opponents. Several SNCF employees in similar proper communication skills and methods for exercising empathy and compassion when addressing a petRead more

LOLA MARTIN & son conjoint YOAN A.Fleurieu sur Saône, France
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Created January 20, 2023
Petition to Geoscientists , Geoscience Students, Academics, Geoscience Professionals, Earth and Planetary Scientists
nationals, women, Latinx, and Indigenous People). Thus, a statement of solidarity is a simple first retaining Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and other minoritized geoscientists using data-driven methodsRead more

Hendratta AliHays, KS, United States
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Created June 5, 2020
Petition to Ms. Michelle Striffer, Sonia Alfano, Dan Jørgensen MEP, Senator Marius Marinescu, Senator Ioan Ghise, ‪Nicușor Dan‬, Valeria Bonanno (Communicion Commissione Antimafia Europea)
funds saved by these alternative savage methods are not, however, so easily accounted for. The span to execute may be wide, the apposite reason in reduction, is it's just that simple in terms ofRead more

Alexander EspositoMagnolia, NJ, United States
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Created November 29, 2011
Petition to Hon. Adrian Dix, Minister of Health, Dick Vollet, President and CEO, Mayor Gregor Robertson, Dr. Andrew Weaver
More than 3 million animals suffer and many die in Canada's taxpayer-funded research laboratories every year. This number could increase if St. Paul's Hospital in Vancouver is allowed to build two new research towers. We the undersigned demand that only progressive, non-animal research facilities be included in their construction plans. "The use of animals as surrogates for humans has been empirically proven to offer no predictive value for human response." - Dr. Ray Greek, President, AFMA More information can be found at these websites:  http://www.forlifeonearth.org/  https://www.humanecharities.ca/    http://www.patientscampaigningforcures.org/  Read more

Anne BirthistleNorth Vancouver, Canada
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Created November 15, 2017
found from a simple Google search alone I was able to find 5 instances of deaths at Woodhull that repeatedly to get the Nurse’s attention. This was one of many methods. You could stand patiently, beRead more

Nia StanfordUnited States
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Created March 20, 2022
Petition to Mohamed Sifaoui
de l’homme et non pas une simple posture, doit nous conduire à condamner ses assassins, leurs not of the regime, but of the brutal methods of Crown Prince Mohammed Ben Selman who, in the eyes of Universal Declaration of Human Rights and not to a simple posture, we must be led to condemn hisRead more

Mohamed SIFAOUIFrance
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Created November 1, 2018
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