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Petition to UK Parliament, Boris Johnson MP
Post study work visa of 2 years have been provided to international students coming to UK from year valuable skills. Since the current students do not have post study work visa of 2 years and get a who would have 2 years post study work visa. we request the UK hover to provide the benefit of 2 year post study work visa to all the international students currently in UK.Read more

Kolimi pranay ReddyLeicester, United Kingdom
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Created Sep 11, 2019
Petition to UK Parliament
by signing and sharing this petition that demands for Post-study work visa . Here is why: According graduation has fallen by 7.5 times after the UK scrapped Post Study work Visas in 2012. Post Study work continuous efforts to support a post-study work visa, we are left with hostile environment policies support our international students and sign Post Study Work Visa Now’s petition and unite across demands:  Government to reintroduce a post-study work visa that allows graduates to work in the UK for atRead more

PostStudyWorkVisaNow campaignUnited Kingdom
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Created Nov 21, 2018
Petition to Home Secretary Priti Patel, The UK Home Office - Visa and Immigration Department
program, from 2020/21 and beyond, to stay in the UK after they graduate for up to 2 years on a post-study work visa. Home Secretary Patel’s stated goal is to expand the number of skilled international billion). International students are often entrepreneurs, work in highly sought after specializations that disappointing as many of the students who intend to work in the UK, consider it to be their home be allowing students who graduate from universities in the UK to be able to stay and work in the UKRead more

sam o'connorOxford, United Kingdom
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Created Sep 12, 2019
Petition to U​.​S. House of Representatives, U​.​S. Senate
with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The results of the four-year study were recently releasedCanine Companions® was selected as a provider of service and emotional support dogs for a study by like those trained through Canine Companions Veterans Initiative™. Act Now: Help educate Congress by sharing facts from the VA research study today.Read more

Canine CompanionsCalifornia, United States
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Created Feb 1, 2021
Petition to British government, London mayor , Theresa May MP, Prime minister UK
back the post-study work visa or an alternative scheme so that international students can continue to-study work visa. This enabled them to work for up to two years after they graduated, meaning that the UK post study visa because: - Current policies are making our international students feel unwelcome in the that international students should be able to study and work in the UK after graduation.[3]- As well-study Work Opportunities for International Students, All Party Parliamentary Group on Migration, 2014-2015[3] Universities UK[4] ibid[5] ibidRead more

vamshi krishnaAberdeen, United Kingdom
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Created Mar 5, 2018
Petition to Sajid Javid MP, Caroline Nokes MP, home office
Christmas Miracle. <3 P.s. We not only passed motions to make Post Study Work Visa Now a policy ensure Post Study work Visa becomes possible for our international students. Requesting everyone to petition link : https://www.change.org/p/uk-parliament-demanding-post-study-work-visa-now and post study work visa Heres the Dipnarine families story and why you should help them.  The UK hasRead more

Families Stay UnitedEdinburgh, SCT, United Kingdom
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Created Jun 7, 2018
Petition to UK Parliament, Boris Johnson, home office
Recently, the UK Government has announced to re-introduce a Post Study Work Visa for Tier 4 Tier 4 Student studying in the United Kingdom may benefit from the new Post Study Work Visa is the current 4 month period following graduation is insufficient to find work, the students applying thisRead more

Cecilia ChumLondon, ENG, United Kingdom
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Created May 10, 2020
Petition to Dr. Juan Olivarez
work toward a formal policy and solution on this issue-- both at Aquinas College and other small while we work together on a solution. I hope you keep you updated about our progress! ******** As continuing my education post high school was one of the greatest keys to building a future for myself. I was have overcome many challenges, and cannot wait to dance across the stage in celebration of the workRead more

Jessica McCormickEast Grand Rapids, MI, United States
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Created Oct 19, 2013
Petition to Xi Jinping, Chen Quanguo
Uyghur scholars in ethnographic fieldwork and videography. These students currently study in traditions, is far from being a threat of any kind. In fact, until recently, her work had been supported and allow her to either a) continue her position at Xinjiang University or b) assume a post outsideRead more

Concerned Scholars of XinjiangUnited States
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Created Aug 27, 2018
Petition to Sri Lankan Government
the government and has commenced work in land taken over by the government as a project of the feature is the opportunity to study Bachelor of Arts in Sharia and Islamic Studies in Islamic Law in Sri Resettlement. El. it. M. Hezbollah. It was here that he started work as the Minister of State for Youth Affairs of last time. Through the ministerial post, he worked to get state patronage and public resources background, Sri Lankan citizens are given a free study and a degree in law in Sri Lanka. The authoritiesRead more

T TSri Lanka
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Created Apr 23, 2019
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