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Petition to Roger Goodell
example of the NFL’s persistent and serious problem with players committing violence against women. Of 32 teams, 21 have players that have been charged at some point with domestic or sexual violence. What’s even more appalling is how the NFL chooses to punish players who commit these crimes. While Rice ‘personal conduct policy’ similar to the mandatory minimum 4 game suspension players face if they violate sending a message to its players, its team owners, and its fans they shouldn’t either. The NFL isRead more

Gretchen TomeBaltimore, MD, United States
143,577 supporters
Created July 29, 2014
Petition to Mojang AB
To be honest I don't like the idea that only 10 players (11 with the owner) can be on a Minecraft... I have my Minecraft Realms since 2015, and that was always a problem for me, not having all my friends that want to create a community, join.Read more

Jeremy SantosBaixa da Banheira, Portugal
11,872 supporters
Created August 24, 2019
Petition to Gary Bettman
Currently, Professional Women’s Hockey players are without a league that supports, promotes and players 1,500 USD for a whole season. This represents nothing more than a wage of 53 USD per game fact, while NHL players only focus on playing hockey, most Professional Women Hockey players spend fans buying NHL sponsored products when attending games. Right now, more than 200 of the best players inequity at their most obvious. Until they are paid, these players will fight not only for what mattersRead more

Until She's PaidMontreal, Canada
5,118 supporters
Created December 28, 2019
Petition to Kevin Margarucci, Jim Smith
of neck laceration protectors for hockey players 18 years and younger.  The Mayo Clinic results of piece of safety equipment for USA Hockey players.  Something to note: Mouth guards are required safety reduce the loss of life.  Please join us in petitioning USA Hockey set standards for neck laceration protectors and require all USA Hockey players, 18 years and younger, wear proper neck lacerationRead more

Therese WeissUnited States
17,495 supporters
Created January 3, 2019
Petition to NBA
amazing way to leave an everlasting tribute to one of the greatest players to ever step foot on the court. Please join me by signing this petition in the hope that the NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver, orRead more

NbaOn Top_United Kingdom
234,345 supporters
Created January 26, 2020
Petition to Microsoft
the Xbox live account, can join the servers. More servers will be full of players, although there is. The disadvantage of this update is that we have to sign in to Xbox live to join servers, although change. This made servers hard to join without Xbox live. A person that can make a change is the owner: More players who did not sign in to their Xbox, forgot their Xbox live password, or cannot make some hackers who will join servers and hack their speed, fly, grief, Killaura, and more. More usersRead more

EoflaOE ViceCityDamascus, Syrian Arab Republic
3,538 supporters
Created December 14, 2017
Petition to NFL
. Join me in asking the NFL to bench Johnny Manziel until the investigation into his alleged domestic violence applies to all players. Please sign my petition asking the NFL to follow its own policy and bench Johnny Manziel.Read more

Gretchen TomeBaltimore, MD, United States
58,244 supporters
Created October 22, 2015
Petition to The White House, U​.​S. Department of State, Joseph R. Biden
bigger contracts, which are not available to women’s basketball players in the U.S. Professional BRITTNEY GRINER AND OTHER WNBA PLAYERS COMPETE OVERSEAS] [BRITTNEY GRINER’S DETENTION IN RUSSIA AND its members proudly join Tamryn Spruill, who launched this petition on March 5, in demanding thatRead more

Tamryn Spruill (and WNBPA) Women's National Basketball Players AssociationBoston, MA, United States
405,851 supporters
Created March 5, 2022
Petition to Epic Games
would love to join in as we have some really skilled and devoted players. The sad and unfortunate part players, but it is annoying the other 20-40 ping players from Asia, EU or US. And having a server in Asia will not compensate for entire region or South East Asia Players. This petition is to get EpicRead more

Danny MaysonIndia
24,435 supporters
Created April 2, 2018
Petition to NCAA Power 5, Robert A. Bowlsby, James E. Delany, Gregory Sankey, Larry G. Scott, John D. Swofford
drugged and gang-raped in 1998 by four college football players. Their punishment: a one-game survivors of sexual violence. Join me in calling on the Power Five Conferences of the NCAA to enactRead more

Cody McDavisLos Angeles, CA, United States
284,387 supporters
Created October 15, 2018
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