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Petition to Tim Cook
world of plastic surgery is for the mental health of girls and women. Surgery used to be reserved appearance through something as permanent as plastic surgery is serious business. Children playing on these.   I think I speak for many parents when I say that our children should not see plastic surgery as a International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. The dissatisfaction many adults face with their bodies has supported the UK-based Twitter account Everyday Sexism in its call to remove plastic surgery appsRead more

AnyBody UKLondon, United Kingdom
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Created January 25, 2017
Petition to Jammu
RJ Juhie requests you to support "Big Plastic Surgery" - an initiative by Jammu Municipal Jammu are requested to take a pledge to -  1. Segregate Waste at Home,2. Refuse Single Use PlasticRead more

Juhie MohanIndia
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Created August 17, 2021
Petition to Tim Cook
Plastic Surgery Simulator’ for kids and I was horrified to learn that it was one of many. These free of the many plastic surgery apps available on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Amazon App Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. The dissatisfaction many adults face with their bodies has trickled down to-based Twitter account Everyday Sexism in its call to remove plastic surgery apps aimed at children apps, targeting our children introduce the concept of cosmetic surgery far too young, encouragingRead more

Sarah McMahonMosman, Australia
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Created January 25, 2017
Petition to Sundar Pichai (Google)
throughout the world in 2015 according to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. The in its call to remove plastic surgery apps aimed at children featured on iTunes and the Google Play never be enough as they are.Plastic surgery apps don't provide any educational value and send young apps that offer an extremely narrow definition of beauty. _____________________ Cosmetic surgery making cosmetic surgery apps available for download, Apple, Google and Amazon are allowing companies toRead more

Endangered Bodies NYCNew York, United States
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Created January 26, 2017
Petition to United States Department of Health and Human Services
Aesthetics Plastic Surgery.  Many women who have undergone surgery at Goals have experienced Aesthetics Plastic Surgery. If you have experienced any of the following: Engaging in acts of gross heard! Also, this is to raise awareness so that other women will not fall victim at the hand of Goals Plastic Surgery.  excessive scarring, body disfiguring, infections, excruciating pain after surgery, and other negligent have lost  loved ones, some women paid upwards to $10,000 for a grossly performed surgery. SomeRead more

Justice For AllUnited States
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Created June 1, 2021
Petition to Robert A Iger (Board of Directors)
Have you ever searched for 'plastic surgery kids' in the iTunes App Store? We are guessing you, but our guess is, you don't need them. If you agree that 'plastic surgery' apps designed for! Marketing cosmetic surgery to children is harmful. It is wrong. We want it to STOP. We can give you all the facts and data about why apps with cosmetic surgery content should not be shown to childrenRead more

Dr Laura HartAustralia
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Created August 8, 2016
Petition to Sean Fraser, IRCC , Catrina Tapley, Jenny Kwan
surgery in Israel, he was tortured by Israeli authorities. Fortunately, with financial assistance from the seriously deteriorated.  His inability to get proper medical support, especially surgery, has left him highlighted the need for him to have surgery as soon as possible.  A physician who has been voluntarily consulting with Mohammed writes that he urgently needs a Burns Specialist/Plastic Surgeon’s reviewRead more

Matthew BehrensOttawa, Canada
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Created January 16, 2022
Petition to Mike Bonin, Thomas Priselac, Mark Ridley-Thomas, Peter E. Braveman, Marc H. Rapaport, James M. Lippman, Bryan Croft, Chad Molnar, Michael Hochman, Krista Kline, Chuy Orozco, Paul Koretz, Debbie Dyn...
90292. This includes Marina Plastic Surgery Associates and Marina MedSPA, which has served the Westside in this location for 32 years since 1986. Cedars is trying to throw Marina Plastic Surgery and its award-winning plastic and reconstructive surgery practice out on the street, even though Marina has and no way continue to serve West LA and beach cities patients. Marina Plastic Surgery has Reconstructive Surgery Practice, Best MedSPA, and Best Skin Care. Marina Plastic Surgery AssociatesRead more

Dr. Grant StevensMarina Del Rey, CA, United States
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Created November 10, 2018
Petition to Roy Ziegelstein
years of practicing general and plastic surgery, I can confidently say there is no value in using animals—dogs or pigs—to teach human surgery. Future physicians cannot gain a greater respect for life byRead more

Gerald Acker, MDUnited States
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Created May 7, 2015
Petition to Cape Town, Public, City of Cape Town, Kieran Lindeque, Muizenberg State Prosecutor, Prosecution
additional plastic surgery required for the final repairs. My Mother’s physical and emotional road toRead more

Kieran LindequeCape Town, South Africa
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Created August 15, 2019
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