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Petition to Sony
, to release it on Video On Demand, so as to give us the option as consumers, and as Americans toRead more

Erin ECalifornia, United States
22,401 supporters
Created December 17, 2014
Petition to Google, Zoom, Microsoft, Apple
has moved online, leaving many people with hearing loss few options for connecting with family and speech recognition (ASR) captioning for people with hearing loss on video conference platforms like Letter To Zoom, Google & Microsoft Dear Zoom, Google, Microsoft and other video conferencing accessibility of your product, it is also the right thing to do. Communicating by video call has become the new reality in our COVID-19 world. Video calls are helpful for people with hearing loss because we canRead more

Shari EbertsNew York, NY, United States
80,781 supporters
Created April 22, 2020
Petition to YouTube , Google, Inc, Google
YouTube has been freezing and blocking views from Taylor Swift’s latest music video, “You Need To discontent by demanding that, on an international level, our online platforms truly treat all of their users equally.Read more

Han ZSingapore, Singapore
36,764 supporters
Created June 18, 2019
Petition to Hasbro, Activision, Leyou
Highmoon Studios really outdid themselves. If the game was restored back onto the online stores such asRead more

Vortex 22100United Kingdom
14,912 supporters
Created September 4, 2018
Petition to Justin Trudeau, Canadian Parliament
"Your free speech is at risk with Ottawa's push to regulate online content, experts warn" - CBC current state, would turn the YouTube video of a kid’s soccer game, or the Instagram reel you posted ofRead more

Ryan LCanada
109,989 supporters
Created April 30, 2021
Petition to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar , voot , ALTBalaji
India faces some sort of assault or violence online or offline. While there are more and more assaulted - be it online or offline as this only slows down our fight for justice. Safe spacesRead more

Save the Children and YuvaaIndia
149,529 supporters
Created November 25, 2020
Petition to Minister of education Singapore
- May be let the children see online video or submit project. This will minimise risk exposure until homework can be carried out according to schedule. Any student not doing online lecture or tutoringRead more

Judy LeeSingapore, Singapore
43,700 supporters
Created January 27, 2020
Petition to Shri . Uday Samant, Prof .Suhas Pednekar
Due to Coronavirus outbreak all schools and colleges in Mumbai are suspended till 14th April. This gap is resulting in stress among students as colleges fear that Mumbai University won’t consider the outbreak effect and schedule the exams as it is going to. Colleges are bombarding students with multiple assignments and self study topics. UPDATE 1- Lockdown has been extended upto 14th April. So this makes submissions more difficult. Also, the portion is way behind and incomplete. Teachers are trying all they can by putting content on Google Classroom but no one is understanding even a bit. Therefore, there is an urgent need of cancellation of end semester exams.Now our fight is for getting waived for all submissions and direct promotion to the respective next semesters! LETS SHOW THEM WHAT WE CAN DO AS STUDENTS!!Read more

Aakash MaheshwariMumbai, India
63,126 supporters
Created March 21, 2020
Petition to YouTube, Susan Wojcicki
uploading raw footage of a video she was making with her Doberman, Sphinx. The video, posted to shouting “NO!," and spitting on the dog. The video was quickly taken down and replaced with the edited found online. Houts has since uploaded her attempt at an apology, in which she claims "On the day in particular that the video was filmed, and actually this past week, things in my outside life have been poorly back onto YouTube itself. By allowing Houts's videos and channel to remain online, YouTube isRead more

Nina FranceFrance
67,636 supporters
Created August 7, 2019
Petition to Pranay Chulet, Dr Harsh Vardhan, Mr SP Gupta, Quikr , Dheeraj Agrawal, Mr Jayasimha, SPCA, Sonali Madbhavi, Mark Zuckenberg, Ankhi Das, Dinesh Agrawal, Brijesh Agrawal, Lizzie Chapman, Viren Sharma...
mills, commercial home breeding  or even sale listings of stolen/missing pets are online , net based pet sales. We can list a 1000 horror stories of online exploitation. While more empathetic and  the online sale of pet dogs & puppies on their sites, its sickening that Quikr.com (as well as even B2B sites like Indiamart.com & et al )have allowed pups/dogs to be sold online like objects sale at source. Therefore it is critical is for the Government ie MOeF & AWBI to ban the onlineRead more

CJ Memorial TrustBangalore, India
35,050 supporters
Created April 26, 2018
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