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Petition to Anurag Tripathi, Rina Ray, Prakash Javadekar, Satya Pal Singh, Amarendra Kumar Dubey, JP Nadda, Stuti Kacker, Priyank Kanoongo, RG Anand, Mandeep Kumar Bhandari, Sanjay Goel, Sandeep Kumar, Sh Bina...
process of learning. Instead, there should be only three subjects, languages, mathematics and value maintain a healthy body and mind. Value education should become a part of every book, every chapter. Again, value education should be a part of every book, every chapter, every subject rather than aRead more

Meenakshi DuaDelhi, भारत
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Created Aug 2, 2018
Petition to UNICEF, Papa Francesco Bergoglio, Change​.​org, United Nations, Human Rights Campaign, Michelle Obama, Mark Zuckerberg
mention that I have made a Mathematics Book inspired by my Love for my Son and I would like to be able will gladly share the text "A book for Sebas: Journey to the Fascinating World of Mathematics to send this book in PDF to everyone who helps me in this cause that is to find my son. If after Signing and Sharing this Campaign, you want to receive the book, simply write to my email address and IRead more

Sinuhé Antonio Ancelmo FigueroaCaracas, Venezuela
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Created Jul 18, 2020
Petition to Malaysia ministry of education, permatapintar , Permataseni , PERMATA , Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, National University of Malaysia, PERMATAinsan , Rosmah Mansor, Najib Razak
, most high school students will take Modern Mathematics and Additional Mathematics for their SPM. If you have been through high school, you know how hard Mathematics is for most students, especially Additional Mathematics as it is always been lauded as the "killer subject". But it shouldn't surprise you as well that there are students out there who think Mathematics subjects are easy. You also know that students who are good in Mathematics are the easiest targets to be called "genius". ForRead more

Ahmad asyraf BurhaniKuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Created Apr 17, 2019
Petition to Rishi Sunak, Boris Johnson
-Western region of British India in 1881. The most comprehensive research to date appears in a book by mathematics since 1983. In 1968 at age seven, Jonathan J. Crabtree noticed a 398-year-old problem with his teacher’s explanation of mathematics. India’s zero was missing from England’s 1570 definition Jonathan J. Crabtree is a guest lecturer at schools, universities and mathematics conferences. Having reveal how the foundations of Ancient Bharatiya (Indian) mathematics are vastly superior to manyRead more

Jonathan J. CrabtreeAustralia
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Created Dec 9, 2020
Petition to Pu board
there are 19 wrong or out of text book questions in maths paper 2016 which account for 55 marksRead more

Lohith NandakumarIndia
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Created Mar 22, 2016
Petition to Dr. (Honorable) Nyan Gadsby-Dolly, Honourable Lisa Morris-Julian
textbooks are not used by teachers; Schools are directing parents to buy books on the various book curriculum guidance.  The standards book list shall be published on the MOE website. 2. Principals shall exist for 3-5 years, especially in the Mathematics and English subjects.  5. The Ministry ofRead more

Trinbagonians 4UnityPORT OF SPAIN, AA, Trinidad and Tobago
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Created Jun 27, 2022
Petition to Responsible citizen7, CBSE
mathematics examination held on 7th mar 2019. As compared to other regions , mathematics question paper issued to eranakulam region was tough .Ncert text book questions were found very less as  compared. Further it has been observed the disparity among SETs of eranakulam region mathematics question paperRead more

Adwaitha HaridasPalakkad, India
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Created Mar 10, 2019
Petition to The Chief Minister of Gujarat, Shri Vijay Rupani
Hinduism out of all textbooks! Well, the book doesn’t even say it is about Hinduism. But, I safely explained as “Festival of Lights” in standard 2 book. “The Festival of Lights” is a popular phrase in. That’s the real truth. The book seems to be shying away from using “HINDU” word; in fact, very persistently throughout all books! Contrarily, the book has no problems using “Jainism”, “Buddhism”, and “Islam” words.  GRATEFUL TO THE INVADERS! Standard 7 book is asking us to be grateful to the invadersRead more

Hemant Patel M.S. CS, B.E. Mech, PMP, PSM, LSSGB, ASQC, ITILIllinois, United States
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Created May 29, 2017
Petition to MHRD, Human Rights Campaign, Ministry of Education
years. After the very unfortunate incident, the Mathematics department of IISER Bhopal advised Mathematics, DEAN Madam, successively. Dean Madam suggested him find a guide from the department. He mathematics and find some job in private companies. After so many requests to the Director sir, It. After the interview, Lokenath da asked to find a supervisor from the Department of Mathematics on or. As per rule book if any student get 8X then he has to leave IIser Bhopal. He went to respectedRead more

Subarna BiswasKolkata, India
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Created Jan 16, 2021
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