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Petition to @customwoodburning
Hello, everyone. Today we are here to make a change in the lifestyle of tiktok user @customwoodburning, aka Michelle. Her fingers are moldy, dirty, and can be described as lukewarm. Instead of washing them, she burns them with her wood burner. She also refuses to shave, shower, or clean her table. This is honestly disheartening, I am begging you to sign and share this petition so we can get justice for her fingers, which as I stated before, are neglected. Thank you so much everyone. Read more

helen myersUnited States
25 supporters
Created Jun 7, 2021
Petition to Apple
I feel like the emoji hands look like a man's hand and to make it more feminine they should give the option to have a manicure if wanted.Read more

Ashlynn WhitleyUnited States
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Created Apr 21, 2020
Petition to Dr. Kim Romanufa
Declawing is not like a manicure. It is serious surgery. A cat's claw is not a toenail. It isRead more

Trisha BarranoikEdmonton, Canada
18,312 supporters
Created Jan 17, 2018
Petition to Ministry of trade and industry
businesses which house personal services such as facial treatments, pedicure and manicure services. Many ofRead more

Serene NgSingapore
14,619 supporters
Created May 20, 2020
Petition to Boris Johnson
shields at manicure tables - Hand Sanitiser for all manicure stations - 15 min gap in betweenRead more

Donna MihaylovaUnited Kingdom
5,760 supporters
Created Jun 23, 2020
Petition to Apple, Google, Inc, Facebook
and understanding. Why is that? We have diverse farmer emojis, diverse manicure emojis, there's evenRead more

Astrid AndujarNew York, NY, United States
4,468 supporters
Created Jun 13, 2020

Jashan SlariyaHamilton, Canada
6 supporters
Created Dec 6, 2022
Petition to Connecticut State Senate
behavior that when we feel down, or drab that we treat ourselves to a haircut or a fresh manicure orRead more

Rachel HamptonVernon, CT, United States
6,920 supporters
Created May 2, 2020
Petition to Justin Trudeau, Bill Morneau, Dr. Jennifer Russell, Jason Kenney, Nate Glubish, Tyler Shandro
Thousands of Canadian businesses in the Personal Services Sector across the country are closing their doors. Not because of Legislation but because they are choosing to do so for the betterment of the country and through social pressures. The community wants them closed and they are at risk with limited access to safety and sanitation supplies.  This is Your Massage Therapist, Fitness Trainer, Hair Stylist, Tattoo Artist, Laser Studio, Barber, Spa.  Provinces without a regulating body to represent the personal service sector such as Alberta, require proper legislation in place immediately; such as a mandated shutdown and confirmation of qualification financial aid, otherwise these businesses feel forced to stay open or will reopen in which case, they would be required to use gloves, masks and other materials important to Essential Services. Most businesses do not currently have access to these materials either way, therefore they cannot be expected operate safely or maintain the practices of social distancing. As this sector works closely with the public I believe legislation is essential not only for our fiscal protection but the protection of a community at risk. WE DESERVE INFORMATION AND ACTION.Due to lack of political response, the following business owners are at risk personally and financially due to COVID-19 please sign and share this petition for: 1. NAICS 2012 - 812190 - Other personal care services (ear piercing servicehair removal (e.g., by electrolysis)hair replacement servicemassage parlourssaunas or bath housesscalp treatment servicetattoo parloursturkish bathsweight-reduction centres (non-medical) 3. NAICS 2012 - 812114 - Barber shops  (hair cutting and styling, and the trimming or shaving of beards and moustaches) 4. NAICS 2012 - 812115 - Beauty salons (beauty shops or parloursmanicure and pedicure salons) 5. NAICS 2012 - 713940 - Fitness and recreational sports centres (athletic clubs, physical fitness facilitiesgymnasiumshandball, racquetball, squash or tennis clubshealth spas (without lodging), physical fitnessphysical fitness centres or studiosskating rinks, ice or rollerswimming poolswave pools)   WHAT WE KNOW - This is a 4+ Billion dollar industry in CANADA - This was a thriving and growing industry until now - Elective closure is NOT part of the qualifying factor for those who did not previously qualify for EI and may now apply. - Personal services in most Provinces are still allowed to operate. - The qualifying factors for the Emergency care benefit to date DO NOT INCLUDE ELECTIVE CLOSURE OF BUSINESS DUE TO COMMUNITY PRESSURE IN THIS LISTING, NOR DO WE SEE LEGISLATION FOR THE MANDATED CLOSURE OF NON-ESSENTIAL SERVICES OR PERSONAL SERVICES *update we hope to see the new relief package announced March 25, 2020, include forced or elective closure due to social distancing rules Please join me by signing this petition in hopes of seeing this action take place through legislation for the support of our Personal Services Community. Warmest Wishes for Health, Happiness and Prosperity Amaris Gamache Esthetician, Educator, Retail Owner in Small Business In AlbertaRead more

Amaris GamacheSaint Albert, Canada
3,758 supporters
Created Mar 21, 2020
Petition to Muhyddin yasin, Prime Minister of Malaysia
Dear, prime minister Our Salon (hairdressing, beauty, manicure) are fully prepared to open andRead more

Salon representativeMalaysia
1,639 supporters
Created May 10, 2020
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