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Petition to guinevere huffman
The problem I want to solve is a new holiday for the US, this holiday would be national lipstick day. This should day should be added as a holiday because lipstick has been seen in the past as a form of witchcraft that could seduce men into marriage and other relations with a woman. Lipstick has become a fashion statement of power, and boldness among women. Let's celebrate the culture lipstickRead more

Gwen HuffmanLouisville, KY, United States
30 supporters
Created November 15, 2017
Petition to Avon Products
Keeping AVON lipstick samples and other sample products available for representatives to buy helps our business. We want to see lipstick bullets, skin care and other samples kept available for purchase. Read more

Katie BowlesChicago, IL, United States
162 supporters
Created November 9, 2019
Petition to President of the United States
its stupidRead more

cam bakerUnited States
7 supporters
Created April 25, 2021
Petition to Milani Cosmetics
Rin has gotten so many people to buy this lip, but yet, it still has a simple lipstick name, whyRead more

Zucc JoosYeehaw, TX, United States
44 supporters
Created September 28, 2018
Petition to Sephora & Kat Von D
if they do not change the offensive names in their line of lipstickRead more

Marissa FujimotoVernon, CT, United States
374 supporters
Created November 4, 2013
Petition to yungblud
With all the teasing for the new single Strawberry Lipstick, many fans have been discussing the lipstick. I know there are a lot of us, and the BHC is great at getting stuff done! Let's see where thisRead more

Adrian WildeClarksville, TN, United States
81 supporters
Created July 7, 2020
Petition to Becky
I'm just a 6th form student that wants to wear the lipstick they wanna wear.Read more

Rebecca WilkinsonWorkington, ENG, United Kingdom
31 supporters
Created September 5, 2018
Petition to bag owners
This needs to stop. This has to change. WE CANT SIT HERE WHILE Y-Y-Y-YOU PUT LIPSTICK IN MY VALENTINO BAG thanksRead more

Mira AboukhaterGainesville, VA, United States
16 supporters
Created January 15, 2019
Petition to caitlin's mom
caitlin looks cute in black lipstick and therefore should be able to wear it as she pleasesRead more

elise adkinsMardela Springs, MD, United States
15 supporters
Created August 17, 2015
Petition to Daniel Howell
. He's worn nail polish and makeup on several occasions, but one thing he has not done is worn lipstickRead more

sam smithTexas, United States
16 supporters
Created May 13, 2018
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