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Petition to Jennifer Salke
hearts of its devoted followers. But the time has come, warriors of the tau'ri! Rally your spirits and the cosmic depths! Behold the resurgence of legendary Science Fiction TV franchises like Star Trek and warriors, swear your allegiance to the cause—to stand as a united front, fortified by your unwavering, for we are the cosmic warriors, ready to embrace the unknown and reignite the Stargate legacy. This streaming age! Onward, noble cosmic warriors! For today, we march to battle, inscribing our namesRead more

The PopcastOrange, CA, United States
38,365 supporters
Created August 28, 2020
Petition to Electronic Arts
as "Social Justice Warriors."  This censorship is coming at a direct expense to the game as an artRead more

Ace NineteeneighteenArmed Forces Americas (except Canada), United States
905 supporters
Created February 6, 2021
Petition to Stephen Miron, Tom Cheal, Stephen Rigley
After a 44-year broadcasting career, Steve Allen, the legendary plain-speaking London early please take action to stop the cavalcade of political correctness warriors wrecking our airwavesRead more

Paul CampaignsLondon, ENG, United Kingdom
6,625 supporters
Created February 25, 2023
Petition to shuko ishikawa
Dragon Ball Z Legendary Super Warriors is a fantastic Gameboy Color game with long term appealRead more

Alex FilipowskiWarrington, United Kingdom
33 supporters
Created November 4, 2017
Petition to Mr​.​G.Kishan Reddy {The Cultural Minister of India}
was “Bharat”. But let’s not forget our land’s countless Heroes, Heroin's, Warriors/Kshatriyas a husband who built a legendary bridge made of floating rocks across a raging vast ocean itself!- 48Read more

Karan vir AroraMumbai, India
1,154 supporters
Created August 23, 2021
Eldar's Dark Reaper Aspect Warriors. One of his main feat was to single-handedly triumphed over a legendary Phoenix Lords wear ancient, invaluable Aspect armour so finely wrought it is proof againstRead more

Sophia LineBelgium
622 supporters
Created April 3, 2022
Petition to Government of India, Indians
vision and efforts of this legendary man. Let's give the man and his warriors  their due. Read more

390 supporters
Created September 17, 2020
Petition to NFL, Mr. Dan Snyder Redskins Management
boost ratings. The leading proposal for several years has been to rebrand in honor of the legendary Victory!March to the End Zone!Fight for old D.C.! Other creative options like "Washington WarriorsRead more

Z KIttrieUnited States
562 supporters
Created July 3, 2020
Petition to Dr. Alan Addley, Christopher Manfredonia, Michael Burke, John Sini, Jr., Dennis Maroney, Ellen Dunn
the legendary coach, Lou Carnesecca.  He transferred to UCONN and played for three years under head coached with the Los Angeles Clippers, Miami Heat, Washington Bullets, Golden State Warriors, andRead more

John SwetyeDarien, CT, United States
391 supporters
Created April 26, 2020
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