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Petition to Proctor and Gamble
reuse.   This morning I finished my dental floss which comes in a little blue plastic container, very well built for its use.  But whilst the floss is finished the packaging has the potential for manyRead more

Amy VargaLondon, ENG, United Kingdom
85 supporters
Created Oct 28, 2016
Petition to Johnson & Johnson, Alex Gorsky
Back in 2019 Johnson & Johnson made the decision to remove the best floss known to mankind.. Listerine (formally Reach) Gentle Gum Care Woven Floss. As many of you already know this action has created complete and utter caios in the dental community. Dental hygienist and patients all over the other alternative on the market that is comparable. Dental Hygienist everywhere are now having to reach (no pun intended) for the mediocre single thread floss. Not being able to touch that beautiful blueRead more

Angela AlcornDallas, TX, United States
493 supporters
Created Aug 28, 2021
Petition to Oral B, Johnson & Johnson
Last night I finished a roll of floss and realized how easy it would be to just put a new roll in with the metal piece attached?) We can buy tape refills for tape dispensers, why can't we buy floss refills for a floss dispenser? According to an article published in the Journal Science, about 8 to reduce the amount of plastic including the dental industry. (1) Jambeck, J. R, et al. “PlasticRead more

L. TroyMilton, MA, United States
7 supporters
Created Dec 5, 2019
Petition to IPSA
shoes, washing machines, makeup, hair cuts, football matches and dental floss to name but a few itemsRead more

Trisha PhillipsWarwickshire, United Kingdom
1,676 supporters
Created Oct 23, 2019
Petition to Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, Food and Drug Administration
alternative to toothpicks is the use of dental floss. Flossing is an underrated but effective method to authorities to force restaurants to replace toothpick with much-safer dental flossRead more

Dr Vidhi BhanushaliIndia
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Created Nov 26, 2019
Petition to Albertsons CEO Vivek Sankaran
microwave popcorn, store-brand dental floss and even plates used under store bakery cakes. Enough isRead more

Beth KemlerWashington, DC, United States
1,461 supporters
Created May 23, 2019
Petition to City of Vista
such as tooth paste, dental floss and feminine hygiene products have also been available. Again, non ofRead more

Elissa YassineVista, CA, United States
1,104 supporters
Created May 21, 2021
tell a person how to floss, let alone sort out what went wrong with a dental procedure. Use of policeDental complaints in Alberta often take 4-5 years to finalize, with an estimated 1% of the money extracted from guilty dentists going to help the victims. The cost of dental investigations are the to replace the Complaint Director with a person who lacked a dental background. As the backlog grew chase). Police and lawyers have ZERO background in dental education and are not even qualified toRead more

Michael Zuk DDSRed Deer, Canada
33 supporters
Created Sep 1, 2022
Petition to Amazon
amount of packaging that I see on non fragile items such as dental floss, diapers etc is AbsurdRead more

Thomas YarbroughFranklin, TN, United States
13 supporters
Created Jan 9, 2021
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