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Petition to Costco Wholesale, Costco
millions of Costco membership holders. The termination of combo pizza from Costco Food Courts nationwide combo pizza would have gladly paid the price to continue to enjoy it. Countless Costco members andCostco’s Combination Pizza is the most popular pizza variant and overall item at the Costco Food pepperoni or cheese pizza, the combo pizza ignites a party of tremendous flavor in the mouths of is not only saddening, but total madness, and just straight up WRONG. Costco corporate cites profitRead more

Tobi O.Riverside, CA, United States
16,833 supporters
Created Aug 15, 2020
Petition to Costco Wholesale, Costco
Costco combo pizza has been a staple in my family for over a decade. It has been the standard dearly. Since Covid, Costco has removed combo pizza from many of their locations. This is a devastating against which I measure all pizza. I have so many memories associated with combo pizza that I cherish healthy boy.  Life just hasn't been the same without combo pizza in my life and something must be done about it. This is why I started this petition. To #bringbackcombopizza. Thank you to all those that are joining me in this fight for combo pizza.Read more

Josh WooSeattle, WA, United States
307 supporters
Created Apr 18, 2021
Petition to Costco Wholesale
. I ask that during these times, we come together to bring back something we all love and enjoy. BRING BACK COSTCO'S COMBO PIZZA! -A concerned Costco memberSomething that's been a childhood favorite has been permanently taken away: our beloved combo pizza.  Through these unprecedented times, I was so excited to get a full combo pizza to eat back home with my family. As I'm checking out and see there's no combo on the menu, I ask the cashier about it some taken away. Staple foods likes pizza, hot dogs, chicken bakes, frozen yogurt and churros haveRead more

Jazmin FUnited States
44 supporters
Created Sep 14, 2020
Petition to Food and Drug Administration
discontinuation of Costco Combination Pizza. The valued and affordable food item is gone but for how because of COVID-19. Costco has discontinued their renowned combination pizza and slices. Costco serves long? Before COVID-19 many avid Costco goers would look forwards to and consume many Costco Combination Pizza slices as one of the most popular menu items on their menu but due to new implements, The University of California, Santa Barbara, which is less than two miles distance. Bring back the Combo Slice.Read more

Eric DickinsonSan Diego, CA, United States
21 supporters
Created Jan 26, 2021
Petition to Costco Wholesale, Costco
Bring back Costco’s combo pizza. Enough said. Read more

Wesley HadfieldOrem, UT, United States
71 supporters
Created Sep 9, 2020
Petition to Costco CEO Craig Jelinek, Mario Omoss, Jim Klauer
Shopping at Costco is an experience that many people look forward to, and the food court and its iconic menu items have historically been a big part of that. A giant slice of pizza, or the $1.50 hot dog/soda combo are meals that I've always looked forward to. But I've been vegan for 8 years, and meat-free for over a decade. Sorry, but when I feel like a hot dog or pizza, a salad is the last thing Meat shows exactly how high the demand is for animal-free versions of the foods we love. Costco isRead more

Scott HildebrandSeattle, WA, United States
5,024 supporters
Created Sep 15, 2019
Petition to Costco Wholesale
We demand that Costco reverse its decision to discontinue the Combo Pizza option in their Food Court. The Costco Combo Pizza had legions of adoring fans and was by far the best option out of the three, especially considering it was the same price as a Cheese or Pepperoni pizza. We have lost one of the greatest post-grocery trip dinners (because God only knows there is no such thing as a short Costco trip) and we demand the good times back. Read more

Donovan RoudabushSteubenville, OH, United States
14 supporters
Created Jun 20, 2020
Petition to Costco Wholesale
Costco has recently decided to discontinue the WHOLE COMBO PIZZA.  My question is why? Do they not delicious however also a great buy for the price.  BRING BACK THE WHOLE COMBO PIZZA!! realize that this has to be one of the biggest mistakes they could make.  This pizza not only isRead more

Demian VinarskyUnited States
14 supporters
Created Jun 17, 2020
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