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Petition to Beth Mooney
16, 2006. That's when the calls began. You see, our dad cosigned Christopher's private student loans with Key Bank. When Christopher died, Key Bank came after my dad to get their money back. Our dad private student lenders like Sallie Mae and Wells Fargo all forgive student loans once the borrower dies. But over the years, Key Bank has ignored our calls to take this humane step. In the years since brother's death in the worst way every time dad puts a check in the mail to a heartless bank. That's whyRead more

Ryan BryskiSouthern, NJ, Estados Unidos
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Created Apr 18, 2012
Petition to Andrew Thorburn, Matt Comyn, Brian Hartzer, Shayne Elliott
bank CEOs are getting massive, multi-million dollar bonuses? Some of their contracts and exit fees never received. We’re the ones who lost our houses thanks to unrealistic loans. We’re the ones whoRead more

Denise BraileyDowerin, Australia
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Created Dec 20, 2018
Petition to PMO India, finance minister india, Landowners Associstion India, Narendra Modi, Central Government India, The President of India, Private and Public Banks, Private and Public Loan Departments
We, the people of India during the COVID - 19 virus come from different backgrounds of work, while some people have the privilege of working from home and getting paid - a lot of people dont.  During this time, we request Banks, Landlords (Private and Commercials properties), Utilities Bill's (phone, water, land, electricity and internet bills) to be graced for the period of 2 to 3 months.  Why is this important?  1. Not everyone has jobs that have monthly wages  2. People are being laid off and industry / businesses are being shut down.  3. It's difficult to cough up money when you're making none.  Thanking you, The people of India. Read more

Fay BarrettoBangalore, India
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Created Mar 21, 2020
Petition to Kevin Cook, Home Lending Executive Supervisor
, the bank is still going forward with its plans to foreclose on Helen Bailey on Feb. 15. Helen Bailey refinanced with a company willing to let her live in the house for free until her death, but Chase BankRead more

OccupyNashville HousingProtectionFranklin, TN, United States
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Created Jan 9, 2012
Petition to Hon. Minister of finance, Shri Arun Jaitley, Shri Piyush Goyal
term basis. The main problem in IDBI Bank is the growing bad loans of the big corporate and business being given, the profits earned by the Bank are going towards making provisions for these bad loans loans, higher provisions have been made and consequently, the entire profits of the Bank have been from 2012 to 2018, Rs. 24,226 crores of loans of the big borrowers have been written off by the Bank. When the entire profit of the Bank is going towards provisions for bad loans, the Bank is sufferingRead more

VISHAL THAKKARBhavnagar, India
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Created Aug 22, 2018
Petition to Shaktikanta Das, Rajiv Kumar, Nirmala Sitharaman, Ravi Mital, Narendra Modi
average size of home loans for women borrowers is higher than that of men. Join me! Sign my petition. I’m asking the Reserve Bank of India to intervene and direct home finance companies to protect homeRead more

Kakuli NKolkata, India
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Created Feb 18, 2019
Petition to S. Suresh Kumar, MHRD, Narendra Modi, B. S. Yediyurappa, Ramesh Pokhriyal, Ramesh Pokhriyal ,   B. S. Yediyurappa
#teachersmustgetpaid #allowschoolfeestobecollected #covid19 Request the Government of Karnataka to withdraw the order (circular dated 30-03-20 Sa.ha.ni.sha.shi.Aa sha/ka va. Ku.ja.su / 32544/e.v.2020) preventing private unaided schools from collecting fees. Failure to do so will lead to bankruptcy, lack of learning for children and loss to teacher salaries. This, in turn, will lead to further illiteracy and unemployment in India  Please read, sign & share the petition! This is for all the children of India,  and for their schools and teachers. It’s for all educators who go beyond their call of duty to ensure teaching and learning continues for their students whether or not it happens at school on an ongoing basis (or even at home (online) where feasible during the time of a global crisis).  What is at stake if the order is not revoked?  Quite simply India’s present & future is at stake. Since teachers form the essential backbone of any educational system their overall well-being is critical in maintaining a healthy ecosystem for the future of the country.  The learning and lives of each of the 43% of children in India who study in private schools are at stake.  (Source - Vision for School 3.0 April 2017).  India’s growth and development are at stake: India’s much talked about demographic dividend is dependent on our education system providing quality education to our children.  As per the Educational Statistics report released by MHRD in 2018, India’s literacy levels stand at 69.1% which is 17% below the world’s average, causing poor employability and hence, limited to no real growth. InsightsOnIndia pointed out that ‘India’s demographic dividend depends on the learning level of students.’ Given other State Governments across India have passed similar orders, the livelihood of 2 crore teaching and non-teaching staff from over 5 lakh private schools across the country is at stake (Source -NISA). The livelihood of both teaching and non-teaching staff (administration and support staff) is at stake. A school comes together when teachers, managers, cooks, cleaners, bus drivers, security guards and more people work in coalition with each other, thereby having a direct impact on their livelihood.  Teachers have called out... “I am a history teacher working in a private school. I am very concerned about the government’s directive because it would mean I won’t get my full salary or may even lose my job. Despite the lockdown, I have spent endless hours teaching my students, through all possible online platforms available.” “I am a single parent. I will not be able to support the basic needs of my family, which includes my two young sons and ageing parents, in case the school is not able to pay me. How does the government expect the school to take care of its faculty or plan for the new academic year if their fees are suspended?”  Why is this happening?  The Department of Public Instruction, Karnataka on March 30, 2020 issued a notice to all private schools advising them against collection of school fees, as it says, “until further orders”. Several other state departments for the education of states like Rajasthan, Punjab, Odisha, Haryana, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu also chose to implement the same.  At the same time, all employers have been advised NOT to enforce lay-offs and salary-cuts by the Prime Minister (dated 23 March 2020, repeated on 14 April 2020). Furthermore, not having any idea how much fee to expect the following academic year (despite some schools providing online schooling). This notice severely handicaps our schools from planning for the new academic year and meeting their expenses, especially the salaries of their teachers and staff.  Teachers have been at the helpless receiving end of most changes in educational policies.  Help us make our voices be heard.  SIGN THE PETITION!Read more

Teachers UniteBengaluru, India
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Created Apr 10, 2020
Petition to Bank of America and M&T Bank
everyone that is willing to tell Bank of America and M&T bank to do their job and not pass the that my paper work for refinancing was in process, Bank of America purchased Country Wide. When Bank mortgage on time, Bank of America decided to sell my loan to M&T Bank. Me and my husband decided to refinance into a lower rate. We can't because Bank of America and M&T will not consolidate asked me to pay to have the loans consolidated. They want me to pay between $1,200 and $1,500 to doRead more

Citizens for a fair election FairPoughkeepsie, NY, United States
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Created Oct 15, 2012
Petition to Arun Jaitley
bill gives power to a government entity to use depositors money to save a bank on the verge of bankruptcy. This government entity can declare the bank doesn’t owe you any money though you have to remove the ‘Bail-in’ provision from the FRDI Bill. Typically when a bank goes bankrupt breath of life to the bank. Bail-in simply means a situation where the depositors’ money, beyond the deposit insured, could be used to pump in equity into the bank that is on verge of going bust. ItRead more

Shilpashree Jagannathan and Prof Seema MishraKalyan, India
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Created Dec 6, 2017
Petition to Reserve Bank of India, Governor
Dr Urjit Patel Governor, Reserve Bank of India Sub: Unfair treatment of bank customers  Dear Dr Patel, We, a group of bank consumers and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are disturbed at the unfair treatment that bank customers suffer in the form of frequent, arbitrary and one-sided increase lower interest to those with floating rate home loans, or the rampant mis-sellling of third-party ensure that banks treat bank customers fairly. Dr Patel, we are confident you will have the memorandumRead more

Sucheta Dalalmumbai, India
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Created Mar 18, 2017
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