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Wetherspoons are closing down the Aspargus pub. This is a request to ask them to reconsider saving this affordable and famous establishment.Read more

Abi CrawfordTwickenham, United Kingdom
32 supporters
Created Sep 29, 2022
Petition to The world
It is in due of change to make asparagus more modernRead more

Timur GlazkovNicholasville, KY, United States
7 supporters
Created Mar 4, 2019
Do not sell the Gus, we need cheap pints in Battersea for our mental health. Read more

Jordan EdwardsUnited Kingdom
7 supporters
Created Sep 27, 2022
Petition to The dictionary, QUEEN ELIZABETH
What is the plural of asparagus? Asparagus asparaguses? Why not just make it a simple asparagi ThisRead more

Scout BananaManCanada
9 supporters
Created Mar 6, 2020
Petition to Namibian government, Omusati Regional councilor, Uukolonkadhi Traditional Authority, ETUNDA Green Scheme Management
Asparagus plant in our area since the produce are not for our local consumption.  the locals staged a demonstration last year after one of the employees of the Asparagus farmer was arrested after he sever drop and most will die. STOP ASPARAGUS FARMING AT EYUNDA GREEN SCHEME AND SAVE OUR PEOPLE AND OUR ENVIRONMENT.Read more

Tomas Angula AngulaWindhoek, Namibia
22 supporters
Created Mar 12, 2022
Petition to Wattpad users
we need group chats in wattpad so we can talk to more people at once. plus more entertainment purposes. roleplaying will be more fun for people with a group. we want group chats. we've been asking and waiting for god knows how long. we want the fun with a group. sure single messaging is fun and everything but imagine just roleplaying with a group. plus a lot people also want to be able to send pictures and stuff, that would be amazing. Read more

ava asparagusBoiling Springs, SC, United States
341 supporters
Created Apr 11, 2020
Petition to Splxf
RiskyPolar needs asparagus. If no get, not pogRead more

Nate PogchampVenezia, Italy
5 supporters
Created Jan 29, 2021
This petition has been deletedRead more

lasgana despalcoUganda, Australia
8 supporters
Created Sep 16, 2018
Petition to L, Ludlow Food Festival
It has just been announced that Asparagus and the Kilburn Habit have been dropped from the line upRead more

Derek LairdWitney, ENG, United Kingdom
8 supporters
Created Mar 22, 2016
Petition to Ernie Minton, Candice Shoemaker, John Floros, Richard Myers
, strawberries, asparagus, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, and tomatoes.  The center grows shade trees, ornamentalRead more

Sweet PotatoUnited States
2,083 supporters
Created Jun 15, 2018
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