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Petition to Arne Duncan
Trigger warning: this petition contains information about sexual assault that may be upsetting to survivors. We are members of a group of hundreds of students and recent graduates fighting sexual violence at colleges and universities, driven by our own experiences of assault, harassment, and abuse on campus. Many of us filed complaints with the Department of Education's Office of Civil rights because we feel our schools broke federal law by refusing to protect us either before or after we were assaulted. In fact, the Department of Education has only ever publicly found one school to be in noncompliance with the law, even though a recent study suggests nearly two thirds of colleges in America don't comply. We started this petition to demand that the Department of Education step up to hold colleges and universities publicly accountable for complying with federal law about protecting survivors of sexual assault like us. Indeed, one in four women will be raped by the time she graduates college. And, often, survivors are betrayed by the school administrations they turn to after their assault. In this past year alone, hundreds of survivors from dozens of schools have bravely shared their experiences. Almost all have been silenced or ignored by their campus administrations, and most have been forced to drop classes, clubs, sports teams, jobs – or abandon their educations entirely – in order to ensure their basic safety. These practices aren’t only unethical; they’re illegal. In 1972, Congress passed Title IX of the Education Amendments – the landmark civil rights legislation that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex and guarantees students the fundamental right to education free from sexual violence and harassment. Yet, over 40 years later, little has changed: according to the National Institute of Justice, nearly two in three schools don’t follow anti-violence law.  Some of these schools have been investigated by the Department of Education (ED), the body charged with enforcing Title IX. But ED’s willingness to accept colleges’ promises to change their ways -- rather than levy sanctions and publicly declare offending schools as “noncompliant” -- isn’t working. In the face of ED’s leniency, schools aren’t changing their ways, and students continue to suffer sexual violence and institutional abuse. The Department released a remarkable set of guidelines in the 2011 “Dear Colleague Letter,” and this year it has the opportunity to show its commitment to students by following up this strong language with effective action. In the past twelve months, an unprecedented number of survivors have filed Title IX complaints with ED against colleges and universities across the United States, including the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, Dartmouth College, Swarthmore College, Occidental College, the University of California - Berkeley, and the University of Southern California. More complaints are expected in the upcoming months. To create safe, fair campuses across the country, we call on ED to join us in the fight against campus sexual violence by enforcing Title IX law.After we collect signatures, we will deliver this petition during a demonstrationat 11am on July 15th in front of the Department (400 Maryland SW, DC) and would love for you to join us and show how many people care about this national problem. The stakes couldn’t be higher. More than four decades after Title IX, it is long past time we be able to enjoy our right to safe education.  Read more

Alexandra BrodskyNew Haven, CT, United States
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Created June 27, 2013
Petition to Jay Inslee, Bob Ferguson, Jacelen Printz, Sonja Wolfman, Craig T. Kenworthy, Steve Victor
Dakota Case is a young father, a grandson and a fisherman in the Puyallup Tribe of Washington State. His family and many of our families have been living off the salmon in the Puget Sound for centuries, but our home – and our planet – is now at risk because of a proposed 8 million gallon liquefied fracked gas (LNG) facility. Sign our petition to protect our home and demand that Governor Inslee take action to stop this harmful project. Dakota and the Puyallup tribe call themselves the “salmon people” – if the salmon disappear, they say they will too. But this LNG facility puts all of us in danger. It would create an immediate and unreasonable danger to the thousands of people within three miles of the massive storage tank and would require a steady supply of fracked gas from offsite wells. Communities living near those wells would be exposed to toxins and carcinogens used in the fracking process. What’s more, this facility would help to cement us into a future dependent on fossil fuels which cause climate change. We need to retire fossil fuel projects, not build new ones. The review process for the LNG project has been marked by conflict of interests, failure to consult with the Puyallup Tribe, and huge failures to accurately quantify the environmental and human impacts of the project. Whether you live in the facility's “blast zone,” in Tacoma, or anywhere on this planet, this project will affect you. Stand with the Puyallup Tribe, sign our petition and help us protect our home, Mother Earth, from further destruction.Read more

Desiree DouglassSeattle, WA, United States
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Created September 29, 2017
Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, New Hampshire State House, New Hampshire State Senate, New Hampshire Governor, The US Senate, Beth Bell, MD, Sylvia Burwell, Dr. Tom Frieden, Rima Khabba...
medical community for years or decades before obtaining a late stage Lyme diagnosis. Nine Steps to Deny New York Medical College (Dr Gary Wormser) as identified in the following communications. Read more perfect sense for the marketing/acceptance of such vaccine as identified in a letter to Editor in ChiefRead more

Carl TuttleHudson, NH, United States
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Created May 7, 2013
Petition to The Congress of the United States
. Having been identified in open court in New York, by his former lawyer and confidante, Michael FBI in obtaining a judicial warrant to engage in surveillance of a former Trump campaign aide, Carter been identified in open court in New York City by his former lawyer and confidante, Michael CohenRead more

Jules BernsteinMassachusetts, United States
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Created July 14, 2017
Petition to Governor Kathy Hochul
originally identified Joseph Martin as the person conspiring with Robert. When he went to the police station for a line-up however, he incorrectly identified a different man, calling his recollection certificate in 2022 and dreams of obtaining his bachelor and master’s degrees once he leaves prisonRead more

Ana MNNew York, NY, United States
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Created October 21, 2021
Petition to Elections Bureau & Ethics Division, Michelle Lujan Grisham
guaranteed by the Constitution of New Mexico (forthwith identified as the Constitution), Article II seeking and obtaining safety and happiness."; Article II Section 6 of the Constitution guarantees "NoRead more

Ambrosia JoyBosque Farms, NM, United States
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Created March 21, 2019
Petition to Assemblée nationale du Québec
without consulting it, obtaining its consent and considering its fundamental rights and freedoms is corrections to be made by an expert commission as identified in a written report and demand the dismissal of Doctor Horacio Arruda.  Read more

Marie-Eve NADEAUQuébec, Canada
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Created October 16, 2020
Petition to Department of Justice, Alabama Government, SUPREME COURT, Criminal appeals court
of the accusation; to be with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining and entrapment of the Holman Correctional Facility, where he identified the criminal extortion ringRead more

Devy DennisPittsburgh, PA, United States
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Created May 28, 2020
Petition to United States Congress, United Nations, Maryland State House, Virginia State House, South Carolina State Senate, North Carolina State House, Delaware State House, California State Senate, Texas Sta...
compliance with this title by that person; and (B) has identified any possible violation of this construed to prevent an aggrieved person, complainant, department, or agency from obtaining or using aRead more

S​.​W. BellMaryland City, MD, United States
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Created September 28, 2021
identified and wrongfully accused of an incident I didn’t commit. I’ve been unreasonably stripped of my with me in signing this petition so that I can hopefully move forward in obtaining my positions backRead more

gemal duncannew orleans, LA, United States
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Created February 28, 2023
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