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Petition to Reliance Fresh, Mr Damodar Mall, Reliance Foundation, Reliance Retail
are fortunate enough to have hot nutritious meals. We also celebrate World Food Day and World towards our community and our limited natural resources. I am conscious of the reach of RelianceRead more

Shruthi ShankarBengaluru, भारत
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Created October 31, 2018
Petition to Claudia Vitalino, Dra Carla Lima, portugaita@hotmail​.​com;rrlima@yahoo​.​com​.​br;etilaelane@gmail​.​com;jasfnsrj@gmail​.​com ;jasfnsrj@gmail.
, due to natural events or not (floods, fires etc.); guarantee of food supply for the most vulnerable consisting of at least 3 (three) daily meals; suitable clothing for each season in the countriesRead more

Claudia VitalinoRio De Janeiro, Brasil
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Created April 7, 2020
Petition to Bernardo Hees, CEO, The Kraft Heinz Company
’ cheese powders. Like many moms, I was shocked to learn that one of my kids’ favorite meals might contain times higher than they were in hard cheese blocks or other natural cheese. Yikes! Even worse, one typeRead more

Patrick MacRoyUnited States
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Created August 2, 2017
Petition to Phil Murphy, Catherine McCabe, NJ Fish & Wildlife Council and Committee Members
temptation of human-provided “ready meals,” particularly since their education in natural foraging has been that bears are little more than vermin. Bears are, in fact, one of the natural world's most remarkable evidence is clear that the key drivers of HBC are variations in the availability of natural foods andRead more

OneProtest - An Advocacy OrganizationFlorida, United States
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Created August 26, 2016
Petition to 鹿児島県知事 三反園訓, 瀬戸内町長 鎌田愛人
 inhabit the natural forests which have been unspoiled for hundreds of years. This area is home to environment to that point, the preservation of the natural and living environment of the village will.  ○Since accommodations and meals are all packaged in these cruises, there is little room for localRead more

奄美の自然を 守る会日本・奄美大島
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Created January 31, 2018
Petition to Conservation Volunteers Australia
vegetarian or vegan foods during your fundraisers, events, and internal group meals such as staff demand for animal products, farmed land could become available to CVA to be restored to natural preRead more

Wendy CadelagoAustralia
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Created February 15, 2017
Petition to HU Farmer's Market Initiative
shop and prepare healthy meals when challenged by a food desert. One of the ways we plan to increaseRead more

John SladeWashington DC, DC, United States
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Created October 26, 2018
Petition to Government of India
The depletion of natural resources occurs when resources are consumed at a faster rate than that of replacement. Natural resources are those resources that are in existence without human actions and they can either be renewable or non-renewable. And when it gets down to the discussion of natural consumption, fishing, and mining. And above all, natural resource depletion is defined on the premise that the earth due to depletion has a higher value than a natural resource which is in abundance. Due to theRead more

ROHITH GOPALChennai, India
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Created July 5, 2020
Petition to Everybody , All the governments in the world
organic labels. Chickens have been genetically modified to lay this many eggs, it is natural for a make very tasty meals and food products. And please do not get into the cultured meat trap eitherRead more

Dawn EveHendrik-ido-ambacht, Netherlands
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Created December 20, 2018
Petition to University of Georgia, Georgia Board of Regents
enslaved peoples to work as manual laborers by cleaning students’ rooms, providing meals, and was a natural condition due to the “inequality of the races.”  From the poor handling of the remainsRead more

Kamiru NdiranguAthens, GA, United States
6,070 supporters
Created June 14, 2020
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