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Petition to Netflix, Netflix Brasil
Square One: Michael Jackson is a documentary with all the evidence of his innocence. We want to show the truth. Justice for Michael Jackson! Netflix, help us spread the word. MICHAEL JACKSON INOCENTE!Read more

Central de Fãs Michael JacksonBrasil
8,939 supporters
Created July 8, 2020
Petition to New Orleans City Council & Mayor Cantrell
It's time to remove the statue of Andrew Jackson from Jackson Square.Jackson was a notorious racist clearing the Cherokee from the American South, Jackson hoped to open up more land for cultivation by greed and hate, not as a symbol to be honored.Mahalia Jackson was an American gospel singer to this very day.By replacing the statue of Andrew Jackson with one of Mahalia Jackson, not only will the City retain it's famously named park, but will cast a new light on exactly which Jackson isRead more

Lord DavidNew Orleans, LA, United States
1,028 supporters
Created June 14, 2020
House Henry Jackson SocietyHong Kong Democracy CouncilHudson Institute's Center for Religious, Taiwan Foundation for DemocracyWu’er Kaixi, Tiananmen Square and Uyghur human rights activist, Fathom Journal Alan Mendoza, Executive Director, Henry Jackson SocietyJamie Palmer, Senior EditorRead more

Freedom HouseWashington, DC, United States
116,152 supporters
Created January 30, 2023
Petition to Ruthanne Fuller
Newton’s seniors. The plan calls for a building of 37,000 square feet, including a gymnasium of 14,000 square feet, on a 2.5 acre site (about 110,000 square feet). The project team has shortlistedRead more

Daniel JacksonNewton Centre, MA, United States
7,000 supporters
Created August 6, 2019
Petition to U​.​S National Park Services
Andrew Jackson should be among those statues that is removed. He was an avowed racist andRead more

Paul LaylandOakland, CA, United States
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Created June 23, 2020
Petition to Jackson Hole Veterans and Families, Jackson Hole Town Council, Jackson Hole and Teton County Residents
My name is Courtney Campbell, I am a born and raised Jackson Hole native, my family homesteaded Jackson Hole.  I am also a US Navy Veteran.   A few years ago I started the ball rolling on a project to update the names and rebuild the Veterans Monument in the Town Square.  Cliff Poindexter, also a Jackson Hole veteran, came up with an amazing, brilliant design for the monument.  We met with peopleRead more

Courtney CampbellJackson Hole, WY, United States
441 supporters
Created September 20, 2019
Petition to Mayor Latoya Cantrell, New Orleans
Let’s change Jackson Square to Mahalia Jackson Square. The history of Andrew Jackson is steeped in be a local and international icon In music. Changing the name of Jackson Square would not be a huge Jackson was raised in the Black Pearl neighborhood, she was a civil right activist, and she continues to burden on the city’s finances. A few signs and a ceremony to celebrate Miss Jackson. It could showRead more

Arturo PealNew Orleans, LA, United States
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Created June 7, 2020
Petition to , Councilor Sam Merulla, Councilor Chad Collins, Councilor Tom Jackson, Councilor Esther Pauls, Council...
income due to City actions:  - reduced customer traffic due to closure of doors to the Jackson squareRead more

Jennifer HompothHamilton, Canada
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Created January 22, 2021
Petition to Attorney General The Hon. Jill Hennessy, Chief Magistrate Peter Lauritsen, Daniel Andrews
Herald Sun. "It has taken me back to square one in terms of what happened to me." Prof Caroline Taylor barrister Graeme Jackson lost his gun licence after a court found him guilty of a string of criminal offences and police seized three guns from his house. Jackson was found guilty last year of sevenRead more

Kate PoynterBallarat, Australia
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Created December 5, 2018
Petition to Mayor Kay Pippin, County Commissioners, Senator Burt Jones
built upon, the message it portrays does not fit the current landscape we have here in Jackson. Black community’s culture should include the removal of the Confederate monument from the square thereby our communities and add positive character to the square and to Butts County’s social structure. Read more

Jayla PerkinsUnited States
797 supporters
Created June 26, 2020
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