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Petition to Butch Otter, Clifford Bayer, Grant Burgoyne, Dan Johnson, Mark Nye, Jim Patrick, Jim Rice, Jeff Siddoway, Steve Vick, Robert Anderst, Greg Chaney, Gary Collins, Thomas Dayley, Mathew Erpelding, Joh...
this petition include:  North End, Highlands, Central Foothills, Sunset, Adams Street, SomersetRead more

Sigrid MetsonBoise, ID, United States
127 supporters
Created June 30, 2017
Petition to Idaho Lawmakers
to follow me home.  I was horrified.  Last night, Idaho's Central District Health canceled an news: https://www.idahopress.com/coronavirus/central-district-health-cancels-meeting-amid-protestersRead more

AK WoodBoise, ID, United States
1,840 supporters
Created December 9, 2020
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