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Petition to Boris Johnson, Bhasha Mukherjee
I am a junior doctor returning to work at Pilgrim Hospital, Boston , Lincolnshire after being on a career break and have to move 80 miles away from my family home.  Previously whilst working at this very hospital, I was living in a shared house with a rent of £85 a week , all inclusive of bills. The house was spacious,cleaned monthly by cleaners and within walking distance of my work. The monthly bill was an affordable £320.  Now with COVID 19, I will be potentially risking non -medical housemates and the community everyday if I was to live under similar circumstances. THUS, i am left with no choice to opt for hospital accommodation which is an extortionate £605 minimum for doctors of my pay grade. THIS is double the market price for a tiny room with an uncomfortable single bed, en suite bathroom and has been reported frequently for pests and BED BUGS ! Even the cleaning and security services have been compromised at a time like this with no change to rental price.  I speak not only for myself but also all the medical staff that are being forced to choose such accommodation when they're working 13 hour shifts a day almost 7 days a week , hardly being / using the living spaces and paying prices comparative of cities like LONDON, in a place like BOSTON, a small rural town in Lincolnshire . ONLY so we can put our lives at risk every day and not put others at risk by living in shared homes in the community as we would have done in normal circumstances.  Moreover, where the government is supporting the self employed , the non -key workers with loans/ grants/ paid leave to stay at home , where is the incentive for NHS staff and front liners ? Why should I risk my life, be away from family , be at the same pay grade as before COVID and be extorted for accommodation where I wont even be on the premises almost 50% of the time. Why when there are countries like INDIA , who are putting staff up in the empty hotels for free to incentivise and reward their hard work ? i am not asking for a FREEBY. All I ask is for hospital accommodation providers like Progress Living and others around the country to MATCH THE MARKET! Give us a 50% discount for the 50% of every 24 hours we're slogging at the front line, risking a 50% chance of contracting COVID 19 and 50% of losing our lives !      Read more

Bhasha MukherjeeUnited Kingdom
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Created Apr 2, 2020
Petition to Facebook, Twitter, Inc, Google, Inc, Indian citizens
Producer53 Subhash Sehgal Writer/Director/Poet54 Neelam Joy Mukherjee Producer55 Adeep Tandon Cinematographer56 Devendra Kafir Lyricist57 Sushmita Mukherjee Actress58 Rajshree Shirke Classical Dancer Sujoy Joy Mukherjee Producer Director75 Gufi Paintal Actor76 Sahila Chaddha Actress77 Nalini Kamalini Dhananjay Singh Actor321 Rajendra Hegde Sound designer322 Monjoy Joy Mukherjee Producer/Director323 Vijaykar Journalist/Critic/Historian413 Sanjay Varma Editor414 Rochelle Singh Producer415 BhashaRead more

Nation FirstPune, India
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Created Apr 10, 2019
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