Fundraiser Guidelines

Last updated: February 19, 2018

On, people everywhere are starting campaigns, mobilizing supporters, and working with decision makers to drive solutions. Now you can also raise money to support projects that help move your campaign forward. allows you to start a fundraiser where people can contribute to help you achieve your campaign goals. For example, you might start a fundraiser to pay for a flight to meet an elected official or company leader you’re trying to influence, or to print out petition signatures to deliver to them. is an open platform, so you’ll see a wide range of fundraisers on the platform started by people in the community and, just like petitions, you can decide which ones you want to support.

Along with our Terms of Service, these guidelines outline specific do’s and don’ts for what you can and can’t raise money for on as well as tips on how to best use the tool.


First, here are few things we’d love to see you do with fundraisers on

  • Be accountable: Your fundraiser — and all of the items you plan to buy with the money you raise — should advance the expressed goal of your campaign.
  • Be specific and transparent: People are more likely to donate money if they know how it will be used, so be clear about what you’re fundraising for, and explain how it will drive your campaign to victory.
  • Keep people updated: Your supporters are on a journey to victory with you, so take them along for the ride. Update your supporters with developments and let them know how you’re using the money they’ve raised.


If we receive reports that your fundraiser is doing any of the following, we may need to close it:

  • No fraudulent campaigns: Collected funds should be used for the expressed, initial purpose of your campaign — which means you should not dramatically shift its intent after you create it. If we receive multiple claims that funds are being used for a purpose other than your stated goal, we may take action.
  • No scams or gambling: You can’t raise funds for a scam or online gambling.
  • No spam: is for issues of public interest. It’s OK to have a commercial interest in your campaign’s success, but you shouldn’t use the platform to directly sell products, send bulk, unsolicited communications, or for any other spam-like behavior.
  • No violence: You can’t raise money for terrorists, hate groups, organized violence or persons/entities directly associated with them. If we have reason to believe your fundraiser could lead to real world violence, harm, or vandalism to people or property, we may have to remove it.
  • No hate speech: Your fundraiser can’t support hate speech, hate groups or explicitly advocate for discrimination against a protected group distinguished by race, ethnic origin, color, national origin, religion, disability, sex, age, veteran status, sexual orientation, or gender identity.
  • No bullying: We don’t tolerate fundraisers that support abuse, stalking, threats, or any form of bullying.
  • Don’t be unnecessarily graphic: You can’t use language or media that are gratuitously violent or sexually explicit nor can you raise money for gratuitously sexually explicit services or products.
  • Don’t break the law: You can’t raise funds to violate applicable local or national laws of your country, including laws protecting the rights of other people.
  • No harm to minors: Your fundraiser can’t cause harm to minors in any way.
  • No impersonation: You can’t impersonate someone else in your fundraiser.

Please report problems!

If you come across content on indicating an emergency situation — for example, if a person is in danger — let us know, but first contact your local authorities immediately.

We rely on our users to report violations of our policies, so tell us if you see any of the dont’s above. The best way to alert us to violations of these guidelines is to log in and click the “report a policy violation” link, or by writing to us through our Help Center. Once we receive these flags or complaints, our team will review the content for policy violations.

For more information about fundraisers on, visit our Knowledge Base.