Advertising Guidelines

Last updated: Jan 25, 2016

Advertising on allows you to drive attention to your cause, and connect with supporters. It helps us keep free for everyone to use. is a social enterprise and a certified B Corporation. We aim to empower people by connecting them to the causes they care about most; that principle is at the heart of everything we do, including our business model.

We also give the community an opportunity to provide grassroots support to a petition through Promoted Petitions, and to help us expand and improve the platform through Sustainers. We’ll continue to innovate our business model around different ways to connect people and causes in order to keep free for everyone to use.

As an open platform, people and organizations with a wide variety of perspectives advertise on It’s important to us that advertising on is a good experience for our users. We’ve seen that the advertisements that perform best with people on are those about issues that impact the rights, health, wellbeing or finances of the public.

We have the following rules and restrictions for ads:

  • ads are about public causes and shouldn’t exclusively sell goods or services. It’s OK to have a commercial interest in your ad, but it can’t just exist to benefit you.
  • users start campaigns targeting a wide variety of decision makers, including some of our clients. Advertisers have no influence over our users' content; user-generated petitions started on will only be removed if they violate our Petition Guidelines or Terms of Service.
  • Ads must not support hate groups, include hate speech or explicitly advocate for discrimination against an entire class of people based on their age, color, disability, ethnic origin, gender identity, nationality, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, medical condition, or veteran status.
  • We do not tolerate abuse, stalking, threats, trolling, or any form of bullying in ads.
  • Ads must not directly encourage or glorify violence, or harm to people or property. We won’t allow support for terrorist or organized violence groups, or individuals associated with them.
  • Ads must not violate people’s privacy by including private email addresses, identification documents, credit card numbers, home addresses, private telephone numbers, or photographs of people in private settings posted without their consent.
  • Ads must not promote illegal activity under relevant national laws in your country, which may include restrictions around political advertising.

If we come to know that a user’s petition being promoted through our Promoted Petitions tool violates relevant guidelines above through user flags, we may need to disable the tool on that particular petition.