Tell Big Tobacco: Stop Marketing Your Products to Girls
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Tell Big Tobacco: Stop Marketing Your Products to Girls

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This year, as many as 850,000 girls in the U.S. will pick up a cigarette for the first time.

To make matters worse, declines in youth smoking have stalled in the last few years.

Big Tobacco's marketing tactics are no accident. In 2006, a court determined tobacco companies intentionally targeted youth. But less than a year later, R.J. Reynolds was at it again, by debuting Camel No. 9, a cigarette packaged in a chic black box with hot pink foil.

Designing and marketing cancer-causing cigarettes to girls is wrong. But if we’re going to keep every girl in America from picking up a cigarette, we’ve got to fight back against the deceptive marketing tactics of Big Tobacco. That starts with you taking a stand against the tobacco industry by adding your name today. 

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    • Stephanie Moffett KENNEWICK, WA
      • noong nakaraang humigit-kumulang 3 taon

      Im not a smoker and I dont condone any behavior on big tabacco but im pretty sure the pink is not marketing girls. For one I know many guys that smoke these and Im pretty sure the pink if because the blend contains rose.

    • Gene Sengstake LINCOLN, NE
      • noong nakaraang humigit-kumulang 3 taon

      I have never understood why cigarettes are allowed to be manufactured and sold in the US in the first place - as they have no redeeming qualities - and are responsible for untold numbers of health problems despite the tobacco industry's pathetic and self-serving attempts to convince us otherwise. They should not only be stopped from marketing to girls - they should be permanently put out of business. Why is it that we allow such a destructive industry to literally thrive at the expense of human lives and health??? You can't tell me that nothing can be done to stop such an immoral group of people heading a corporation that obviously has no real concern for the health and well-being of the American people - - -

    • Eileen Carbin AUSTIN, TX, TX
      • noong nakaraang humigit-kumulang 3 taon

      Not only do cigarettes harm the smoker, they also harm her unborn children should she continue this awful, stinky habit during pregnancy!!

      I started smoking in 1958 (when it was still cool) & quit on 3/10/87......smartest thing I ever did for myself!! It's a LOUSY habit!!

    • Sabrina Sollmann TORRANCE, CA
      • noong nakaraang humigit-kumulang 3 taon

      And don't think we're idiots either! We can see right through your lies.

    • Christian Stierke BERLIN, GERMANY
      • noong nakaraang higit 3 taon

      smoking is the most stupid thingy ever....u not even get high of only waste of money...u smell like an ash tray out of your mouth and have ugly yellow fingers....why nice girls have to be cool....or in a group feeling....stop this pink shit and better get something serious!


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