Keep Guns Out of Our Public Places

Keep Guns Out of Our Public Places

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      Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort Educational Fund

People are 5 to 7 times more likely to be murdered in workplaces that allow firearms than in those that prohibit it, yet Gov. Walker and his extremist allies have rammed through a reckless new law allowing loaded, hidden guns into our shops, restaurants and other public places.

Every business owner can choose to keep guns out – now it’s up to us to stand up and tell Wisconsin business owners to keep our families safe by adopting a no-guns-allowed policy.

Show business owners the public support for businesses that put our safety first. Please sign our pledge to help keep Wisconsin safe.

1. I will support business that support my family's safety.
2. I will not carry loaded guns in public places like restaurants, shops, and parks.
3. I will help reclaim Wisconsin and restore our commonsense values of civility and decency.

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