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Finish our account modification and get my loan done.

    1. Tina Holden
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      Tina Holden

      Apopka, FL

I have lived in the same home since 1992, I did not do upside down refinancing on multiple loans and my home mortgage has been with them since they purchased Norwest many years ago. I have provided the key details in multiple ways, paid for a mediation done at the orange county courts and dealt with their multiple's of home preservation specialists they have had, continuing to send information repetitive ways in duplication.
Wells Fargo I understand has been a mortgage company that has like many I am sure has been overwhelmed with this but states that they have helped millions save homes than why is my file not one of them?
I have attorney only due to multiple attempts of doing on my own and it is costing me money that I do not have.

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