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We want justice for Siva
  • Petitioned Jerko Ivankovic-Lajic

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Minister of Agriculture
Jerko Ivankovic-Lajic
Minister for the Veterinary Department
Nada Rajkovic
Vet Station "Hadzici"

We want justice for Siva

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“Four days ago local people from the village Binježevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) drove cuddly stray dog to the Veterinary Station “Hadžići” for sterilization. After four days, she was returned, but with cut open belly. Disturbing and shocking photographs serve as the evidence of the massacre committed against the unfortunate animal!”

Yesterday's news of unprofessionally performed sterilization of a stray dog and her tragic death has shocked activists around the world. Negligence, carelessness and irresponsibility from the staff of the vet station “Hadzici” is the main cause of this brutal act. Sterilization was carried out on the unfortunate dog called Siva who was operated despite the fact she recently gave birth to the puppies.

Siva was favorite among local people and she won’t be forgotten!

Please sign this petition and give your voice as something like this must not happen ever again. The letter will be handed to the Minister of Agriculture, Minister of Veterinary and vet station where this brutal act occurred.

Article in Bosnian language: http://www.depo.ba/hronika/niti-jedna-zivotinja-ne-zasluzuje-ovakvu-sudbinu-sokantne-posljedice-sterilizacije-pasa-u-hadzicima

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