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we the people have to let the news media networks lifetime people magazine and all others we want be a part of casey anthony getting paid money for murdering her baby girl Caylee,

    1. tammy  fesmire
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      tammy fesmire

      clanton, AL

as you can see on the other petition about little Caylee, theres alot of people who feel casey got away with killing her child, we the people don't want the anthonys to profit from there dead baby ,like oj trying to with the book, well we see that got stopped only by the Goldman, poor caylee has NOBODY in her family that loved her enough to step in like the Goldmen did, so we the people want to do our best to keep this from happening, God Bless little Caylee, We hope and pray you did n;t suffer

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    • Heather Green NOKOMIS, FL
      • almost 3 years ago

      I'm willing to do whatever it takes for Caylee to get her due justice. R.I.P. Baby Angel Caylee

    • Kristi Golden LEXINGTON, NC
      • about 3 years ago

      To me I belive this jury came to this verdict to make better money giving interviews and selling their story.The evidence and common sense was more than enough to convict her.No mother would be out partying if their child was missing and never report it.This woman killed this child to live the life she wanted and the jury failed this child justice for greed!No one should pay this jury or Casey one cent for their story!I wonder how the jury would have felt if this woman did this to their child or loved one.Everything people do now is just a way for another quick buck.Hopefully she will never have another child and if she does CPS better get involved from the get go.


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