We Cannot Afford to Pay for Your Responsiblity
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We Cannot Afford to Pay for Your Responsiblity

    1. Gloria Picchetti
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      Gloria Picchetti

      Chicago, United States

In view of the fact that Congress & The Senate wasted a year of precious taxpayers' time on a document that is thousands of pages long, that works right into the pockets of the insurance industry & the pharmaceutical companies, held closed door sessions, & we still don't know what they have proposed and as many of us do not sleep at night because of foreclosures, unemployment & basic service cut backs I believe that:

All US Senators & US Congressmen, the Executive branch, the Cabinet, & the Judiciary should take responsibility for themselves by paying their own health insurance & life insurance, take a 15% cut in pay, a 25% cut in pensions which will only be good for ten years.

If you cannot afford this proposal perhaps you are not cut out to be a public servant.


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