WASHINGTON OFFICIALS & Commissioner Valerie Jolicouer: Allow Billy Fisher to change the name of his Daughter
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WASHINGTON OFFICIALS & Commissioner Valerie Jolicouer: Allow Billy Fisher to change the name of his Daughter

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      Moms for Marijuana International

After asking for help from CPS to remove his infant daughter from an unsafe situation, Billy Fisher is currently fighting for custody of his baby girl, whose legal name is Jerah Mia Martin.
The name "Jerah Mia Martin" was given to Billy's daughter by her mother, during her association to a man by this name who had sexually abused Sabrina since she was young teenager.
Billy's daughter is currently developing her identity. At this time, she is called "Jerah Mia Martin" - the name of her mother's sexual abuser - by the courts, foster parents and siblings, DSHS employees, and Mediation/Visitation Employees.
Billy and his family, friends, and supporters world wide, all refer to his daughter by the name that her parents had originally intended for her, Lila-Ann Fisher, or Lilly for short. Lila is the name of Billy's grandmother, Ann is the name of his exwife's grandmother.
Billy feels it would be detrimental for his daughter's continued development of identity if the foster parents and siblings, DSHS employees, and Mediation/Visitation employees continue to call her "Jerah" for the duration of the Dependency Proceedings, especially since her current name refers to her mother's long time sexual abuser.
DSHS say that same things as Billy, that the baby is establishing her identity, and has started to respond to the name Jerah. DSHS and the courts insist that not only her name stay Jerah for the proceedings, but that Billy calls her by that twisted name as well.

Billy is being kept from his daughter soley for his medical cannabis use, and fully expects, with Washington Law on his side, to be untied with his daughter very soon. Please sign the petition and urge Wasington Officials to tell the judge of the family court to, at the very least, allow Billy to change his daughter's name from that of an abuser to her intended name. Lila Ann Fisher.

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    • Brenda Maisonneuve FEDERAL WAY, WA
      • 7 months ago

      CPS took my sons child in 2013 in Washington although there were no signs of abuse or neglect by either parent, and permanently terminated both parents rights. They can use a 30 minute neuropsychological evaluation to accomplish this, without any prior indication of impairment. As long as Federal dollars to adopt children are an incentive to states, they will legally take infants and adopt them out, and hide behind the veil of confidentiality, because these are children. An entire network of state jobs and contractors, including our courts thrive off of this illegal child abduction. I wish someone would have the guts to expose this. My son's life has been damaged in only the way a child dying can damage you. Now the State is seeking child support from him for the months prior to the termination. Not only are they taking children, but you have to pay them for that. After two years of attending everything manditory required by CPS, while trying to also maintain her job, and completing those requirements, the mother lost the child also. A YWCA counselor testified that she did not see impairment described by the contracted neuropsychological evaluator, as well as her employment supervisor at work, but her rights were terminated anyway.

    • Lila York SEATTLE, WA
      • 9 months ago

      This is a gross injustice.

    • Tyffani Reys SAN DIEGO, CA
      • 10 months ago

      Our system need some tweaking!!!

    • Sarah McCartney UNION GAP, WA
      • 10 months ago

      Because I've been abused as a kid n that baby girl Lila doesn't need to b reminded on daily basis that her name is the same as a monster who hurt n abused her mom for years. She will end up wanting it changed later. Do it now wile she is little so she never has to learn to write it. She can learn to write her name that is all her own!

    • Marcella LeDoux YAKIMA, WA
      • 10 months ago

      Lilly is at the crucial age where she begins building awareness of herself. If the state continues calling her by this rapist's name it will burn itself into her memory. She is too young now to know what this name means but when she gets older she will know that she was named after this man and will question why people insisted on calling her that. She is a beautiful child, innocent, and deserves better than the state is giving her. Not only do I support her being called Lilly, but I support bringing this baby home to her loved ones immediately! Don't put her through anymore than she's already been. I speak it from experience. Fostercare is no place to grow up when you have a loving family waiting for you at home.


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