Stop using plastic bags by 4/22/2014. Cloth bags 5 cents 4/22-5/22/14.
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Stop using plastic bags by 4/22/2014. Cloth bags 5 cents 4/22-5/22/14.

    1. Amanda McNabb
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      Amanda McNabb

      Pocatello, ID

10. Plastic bags are bad for the environment.
9. They do not compost and they kill babies and animals.
8. They release toxic gas as they breakdown, if they breakdown.
7. If I don't have to remember the cloth bags, I don't.
6. The places that expect patrons to provide their own shopping bags; have patrons who do.
5. Taking my own bags into the store feels weird if I am the only one doing it.
4. They tear when it comes to heavy or odd shaped items.
3. They are not ergonomically correct. They cause damage to hands, and encourage you to carry more, thus leading to back strain.
2. I am tired of collecting all of these plastic bags and taking them back to the store. If you offer plastic bags, I will accept them. If you don't, I will bring my own.
1. How many kittens have been killed by people swerving to avoid a floating bag in the road? Think of the kittens.

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    • Leanne Smith TUALATIN, OR
      • over 2 years ago

      Why do we all know how bad plastic bags are but keep using them????


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