Walk to Washington for Depression Awareness
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Walk to Washington for Depression Awareness

    1. Patrick McIlvain
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      Patrick McIlvain

      Houston, TX

I am and have been challenged with Depression for 42 days shy of 61 years. I know that I am not alone when it comes to knowing first hand the pull of the negative energy, the feeling of loneness, sadness, being angry, unwanted. Depression has no friends and it likes it that way. Like any abusive relationship it wants to keep people isolated.  Here is my person short view - 

"If it was not such a cruel illness I would not be bothering you. Depression
does not take a day or even an hour off from tormenting the people that
it affects. Believe me, I know from personal experience, that Depression 
has a sadistic disregard for the pain or suffering of its victims."

Our Mission: Mental Health Legislation Change

We are The Walk. We have created The Walk To Washington, a national pep rally to raise awareness of depression by calling for national change in mental health legislation. By encouraging people to sign our petitionwalk either virtually or in their citydonate,sponsorvolunteer and partner, we hope to create change in Washington. We want to tell and show Washington that America will not stand for unequal treatment of this debilitating disease, depression. We want to show anyone trying to overcome depression that they have our support as a national group with 1 million signatures strong. 

Our organization was formerly called Walk for Recovery and we were concentrated on raising national consciousness for many mental health issues. But, the more that we looked into the current mental health landscape and spoke with our partners and sponsors, the more it became apparent that depression awareness needed a national, focused voice. We changed our name to The Walk and began organization of The Walk To Washington, to become that voice.

I was asked to be the Texas State Coordinator for the Walk and also asked to reach out to my sisters and brothers and our supporters in the GLBT Community

My personal goal is only 100,000


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