Abolish strict Congressional courtesy rules
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Vice President Biden and Congress

Abolish strict Congressional courtesy rules

    1. Scott  Davis
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      Scott Davis

      Edgmont, PA

Here is a letter to Vice President Biden:
sent February 8, 2013 at 5:46 PM
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February 8, 2013:
Dear Mr. Vice President:

As the only member of the Federal Government who is a member of TWO branches (Executive and Legislative),you, Mr. Vice President, are in a unique position to clear a logjam in Government.
To illustrate how harmful logjams in Government can be:
During the 18th century, the Kingdom of Poland had a law requiring a UNANIMOUS vote by the Polish Diet (Parliament) in order to initiate a declaration of war.
Since unanimous votes by independent legislative bodies are extremely rare, nothing was done by the Government in emergency situations. Consequently, Poland was rendered unable to defend itself against foreign attack and partition, and the country disappeared from the map by 1795 after a series of orchestrated converging partitions by Austria, Prussia and Russia.
We have a similar legislative bind today in the United States. It is described as "Congressional Courtesy".
This is a violation of the Oath of Office. It delimits defense of the Constitution to the State line of US Senators and the District boundaries of US Representatives. Nothing is done by Government in emergency situations involving harmful attacks on the Constitution. Consequently, the United States Congress is unable to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.
If the US Congress fails to deviate from this "norm" of Congressional Courtesy, the United States could disappear from the map as easily and quickly as Poland was partitioned off the map.
Mr. Vice President, I implore you to lead this effort to instruct all Members of Congress to respond to the requests of US Citizens, US nationals AND FOREIGN NATIONALS who live outside the State, Territory or District of any member, IN ALL INSTANCES wherein the request involves an emergency resulting from a violation of the Constitution, in all cases wherein the Constitution can be reasonably invoked, so that all members of Congress will NOT REFUSE in such instances to adhere to their Oaths of Office.
This will reduce citizen frustration, and make workdays of all staffers who work for Congress much less emotionally hectic and more pleasant and satisfying. It will also prevent obstructive cabals.
In this way, Members of Congress will no longer be forced into a "do-nothing" stance as a standard response to emergency citizen requests to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.
Very truly yours,
Scott Davis
PO Box 877
Edgmont, PA 19028-0877

Vice President Biden and Congress
Abolish strict Congressional courtesy rules

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    • Douglas Rees BERKELEY, CA
      • 3 months ago

      The Bill of Rights belongs to everyone. What happens to our freedom isn't just a "local issue", it concerns the future of this country, and, I believe, of humanity as a whole. "Congressional Courtesy" amounts to discourtesy toward those our Senators and Representatives are supposed to serve.

    • Scott Davis EDGMONT, PA
      • over 1 year ago

      The reason why we have pictures of Matt Duran, Leah-Lynn Plante and Katherine Olejnik here is that these are three Americans whose Constitutional rights were violated. Added to that, we have quite a few more, two more "Grand Jury Resisters" and the people named in the 52-part Pardon and Reprieve. These people should all have been helped by someone in Congress. NO ONE out of the hundreds of people in Congress is able to help. That's because of this one terrible rule called "Congressional Courtesy." Thanks to that rule, innocent people waste away in prison by the thousands; and corrupt officials stay in power, in every state in the USA. Abolishing Congressional Courtesy for a more efficient and businesslike way of getting things done in Congress will do wonders for the USA. Unfortunately, Congress seems to be all about logjams these days. SIGN THIS PETITION AND END THE GRIDLOCK!

    • Scott Davis EDGMONT, PA
      • over 1 year ago


      I know how Congress works - and right now, it doesn't,

      and the "gridlock" and failure of Congress to handle the

      business of the people - and the failure of Members of

      Congress to live up to their Oaths of Office is more

      egregious now than ever. My idea would make Congress

      work for We, the people of the United States, AGAIN!

      Here are some reasons why this petition would

      benefit ALL AMERICANS - even those who

      look askance at all new and bright ideas.

      There are tens of thousands of people who work for Congress, in

      Washington DC and all around the world. Congress contains

      more than 100 Senators and 435 US Representatives.

      Remember that the Vice President (now Joe Biden, of

      Delaware; born in Scranton PA) is ALSO a member of

      Congress, because he is President of the Senate.

      There are Delegates who vote in committee and who

      represent Territories of the United States from the

      US Virgin Islands, to Puerto Rico, to American Samoa

      (Amerika Samoa), Guam and the Northern Marianas.

      There are also Secretaries, a Chaplain for both houses,

      a Doorkeeper and a Postmaster for the House, and a

      Sergeant-at-Arms for both houses of Congress (the

      Senate is considered the "upper House").


      These tens of thousands of people who work for Congress

      are nothing less than a vast, wasted pool of expertise.

      They WANT to do their best to serve and protect the

      American people, and EVERY elected official in Congress

      (there are 542, not 535 - because remember, we have to

      include the Vice President and the six Delegates) wishes

      to live up to their Oath of Office to preserve, protect and

      defend the Constitution of the United States.

      There are TWO reasons why they cannot, and they are

      both infrastructural, as I have already pointed out to some

      extent in the opening statement of this petition.


      Each member of Congress, and EVERY person who works

      for Congress in some capacity, including the Congressional

      Dogcatcher if there is one, represents expert ability in some

      different respect. However, if you live in the United States or

      its territories, and you call any offices of the US Senators,

      US Representatives or Delegates who DO NOT serve your

      home district of residence and enfranchisement (voting),

      here's the Mad-Libs answer you are most likely to encounter

      very soon in that conversation: "Due to Congressional

      Courtesy, we do not handle (anything) for people who

      live outside (the State/ the District/ the Territory) which

      the (Senator/ Representative/ Delegate) serves." Well,

      you may be calling about a beekeeping bill. Representative

      Jones in the district NEXT TO YOURS may be a beekeeper -

      and your own Congressman might be allergic to honey -

      which means that if you need help with that bill, you may

      be out of luck! The only person in Congress who CAN help

      you on the issue is the one least qualified to help you, thanks

      to a very impolite ruse called Congressional Courtesy!

      There are notable exceptions to that - indeed, we have the

      office of Congressman Dana Rohrabacher who is

      helping Dr. Shakeel Afridi of Pakistan. We also have the

      example of Stephen Solarz, who when he was in Congress

      extended magnificent assistance to Corazon Aquino in

      her rise to the Presidency of the Republika ng Pilipinas.

      (the Philippines). But generally, people who work for

      Congress are like anyone else -they don't want to increase

      their workload and don't want to break down working

      conditions. However, with today's computer technology,

      we need to face the fact that abolishing Congressional

      Courtesy would NOT in any way increase the workload

      of ANY office in Congress. Rather, people who are experts

      in a certain legislative or other area of life - from beekeeping

      to the 2nd Amendment - would sign up for a list of expert

      venues, and this could be done very creatively. In that

      way, you would call Representative Smith about that

      beekeeping issue. The receptionist types in "beekeeping"

      on her computer - and instead of your request dying at

      her desk, she says, "Oh! Call Representative Johnson's

      office! They have an expert on beekeeping there and

      I will give you his phone number." In this way, the problem

      is solved both for your home district's office AND



      There is another aspect of this. Astute Congressional

      scholar Michael Warnken has pointed this out very

      adeptly. He has shown mathematically that Congress

      has disproportionate representation which is very

      unfair, and which renders Congress ineffective for

      almost any purpose for any needs that about 95% of

      the American people will ever have. This makes

      Congress MATHEMATICALLY 2000% more likely to

      serve "special interests", which Dr. Benjamin Carson

      of Johns Hopkins described as the "fourth branch" of

      Government in the USA at a prayer breakfast

      hosted by our beloved President Obama who,

      mathematically speaking, is only one person out of

      over one million who work for the Federal Government.


      Michael Warnken has pointed out that you, for example,

      may live in California. Your US Senators handle a

      constituent caseload larger than the population of

      most COUNTRIES! Your US Representatives handle

      a caseload of about half a million constituents,

      including illegal aliens attempting to obtain legal

      residence in the United States, plus special interests

      and informed people around the globe. Your chances

      of obtaining any help at all from any member of Congress

      serving the State of California are about nil, even if you

      have lived in California all your life. However, if you live

      in New Hampshire or Wyoming or North Dakota, and

      you contact your US Senators or Representatives in

      Congress, or your State legislators, you ARE likely

      to obtain a meaningfully coherent and helpful response

      to a meaningfully coherent and reasonable inquiry.

      Yet the US Senator from Wyoming is paid the same

      salary as Barbara Boxer or Dianne Feinstein of

      California. Since that is the case, let the caseload

      be equalized too! After all, Michael B. Enzi and

      John Barasso are not WYOMING Senators, they

      are United States Senators who get paid a

      US Senator's salary and have equal perks and

      privileges. They take an Oath of Office to

      preserve, protect and defend the Constitution

      of the United States - INDIVISIBLY. If a legislative

      assistant were to tap either man on the shoulder

      in the middle of a boring one hour meeting with a banking

      lobbyist, and say "(....your name here...) from another

      State needs help with a Constitutional issue right

      now in a time-value matter", that just might be as

      much an answer to their prayers as it is to yours.

    • Elizabeth Grieco SAYLORSBURG, PA
      • over 1 year ago

      I couldn't have said it better!!

    • Scott Davis EDGMONT, PA
      • over 1 year ago

      This petition started at 6:00 PM Eastern US Time, February 8, 2013.


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