Veterinary Clinics Indiana: Scan Micro Chips for all new animals that come in
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Veterinary Clinics Indiana: Scan Micro Chips for all new animals that come in

    1. Tammy Smith
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      Tammy Smith

      Fort Wayne, IN

I have been missing our Sheba Inu/Rat terrior mix for over a month.. she is micro chipped, but no one is calling her in found.. our hearts break knowing that someone is keeping her.. there are alot of missing and stolen dogs in Indiana, missing there forever homes.. this needs to stop.. Vets could help if they scanned new pets coming in. they only scan a pet if it is brought in as found, or stray.. We pay for Micro chipping but it is not doing us any good if Vets don't scan for new pets..

All Veterinary Clinics Indiana
TryScan Micro Chips for all new animals that come in

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    • Sandy Deininger FORT WAYNE, IN
      • 2 months ago

      its very important and I will be getting my new puppy done soon too, but also we want the veterinarians should scan but in a way the new client would not know because if they have a stolen pet it could prevent them from getting care or maybe they have know idea . I do believe its a good idea .

    • Catherine Draving PHOENIX, NY
      • 9 months ago

      My dogs are chipped and have a loving home. If they ever got out and got lost, I would want to know what happened to them, so if someone finds them to check to see if they belong to someone who cared enough to get them chipped and to let me know where my pets are so I could get them and brig them home.

    • HonnaLea Combs FORT WAYNE, IN
      • 10 months ago

      My Sadie Jo jumps the.fence. She has done this so much it doesn't matter who finds her they know who she belongs to, but regardless of that, if we are paying for microchips which both our dogs have, they need to be used.

    • Dawn Luce DECATUR, IN
      • 11 months ago

      Because so many dogs have these chips, and are lost or stolen dogs, all vets should do this, I know my vet does not.

    • allie terrell ANGOLA, IN
      • 12 months ago

      indiana is so f*in retarded man i hate indiana


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