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Stop the Anti-Trust Monopolization of Isis, and open Google Wallet

    1. Christopher Daniel
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      Christopher Daniel

      Fort Walton Beach, FL

Verizon Wireless, the largest mobile wireless provider, has seemingly crossed their bounds by locking it's customers out of Google Wallet, and instead opting to use a system of mobile payments created by them. The original claim of not allowing users access to Google Wallet was made with reference to a device's "Secure Element" inside a phone. This claim, however, was invalidated when it was brought to light, that the Secure Element on our devices, had been reserved for the Isis Mobile Wallet. Isis Mobile Wallet is a far inferior product, when compared to Google Wallet, with limited access and availability, as well as a limited amount of credit cards that can be utilized. (None of the top two are authorized, only Discover and American Express) It is time for Verizon to put aside their differences with Google, pay a hefty fine from the FCC, and give the consumer the freedom of choice without forcing a far inferior product down the end user's throats while continuing to monopolize the mobile commerce market. And in the process, bring us Google Wallet. 

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