Honor your commitment to customers with unlimited data plans
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Honor your commitment to customers with unlimited data plans

    1. Chris Leader
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      Chris Leader

      Washington, DC

Rather than reward loyal customers who have been with Verizon long enough to have an unlimited data plan, Executive Vice President and CFO Fran Shammo announced today that the company will soon phase out unlimited data in favor of tiered shared data plans. He said that this will be "a lot more efficient from a family share perspective" and "from a small business perspective," when in reality the plan is a revenue-generating stunt from a company that is already in poor favor with its customers because of a barrage of upgrade fees, online bill fees, and the removal of “New Every Two” deals and one-year contracts.

Join me in demanding that Verizon honor its promise to its customers.

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    • Blake Michelsen LITTLETON, CO
      • about 2 years ago

      I understand that people want shared plans but people also want unlimited. Why make all suffer to satisfy a small % of customers.

    • Justin Sigmon MCLEANSVILLE, NC
      • about 2 years ago

      Corporate greed is destroying our country and to get out of a contract with Verizon is impossible...however they feel they can change it whenever and however they please to the detriment of their customers.


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