Use Prosecutorial Discretion--Do not deport Anthony Lococo
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Use Prosecutorial Discretion--Do not deport Anthony Lococo

    1. Karen Lococo
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      Karen Lococo

      Unionville, CT

Currently, federal immigration courts are working on deporting people who have been convicted of felonies over 5 years ago. The law is black and white, and sometimes cases do not fall into neat little boxes. My husband is a permanent resident who is a recovering drug addict. Eight years ago, he plead guilty to a felony and was sentenced to treatment and probation. He has been clean and sober ever since, owns a home, works, and pays taxes. We have a Family that will be destroyed if he is deported. This is happening to many people who have changed their lives. I have no problem with people being deported if they cannot follow the rules--but loopholes allow people who have been in trouble recently to stay and those who were in trouble a long time ago have no recourse.
This is not fair or in line with basic human rights. In Connecticut, a case can be re-opened for 3 years, so people who are current offenders have a chance to rectify their status. People who have seriously made changes do not have that chance. In 2004, attorneys did not have to inform clients on the "collateral consequences" of a guilty plea. Now, the system is going back in time and detaining people who have changed their lives and they have no recourse.
In my husbands case, our entire family are US citizens--including his parents. In our case, we will go from being "middle class" homeowners who work and pay taxes to foreclosure and potential inability to support our children.

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    • Bonnie Fine CONCORD, CA
      • over 1 year ago

      because no one should be treated this way. there is enough injustice in the world.

    • Linda Santana WORCESTER, MA
      • over 1 year ago

      I don't think it is fair to take him away from his wife & children after all this time he's been here. What about all the immigrants that are allowed to remain here that come over illegally & don't do anything good with their lives. This is a good man with a family & a home & has proved himself worthy of being able to continue to do so. Please don't seperate this family & allow the children to suffer a loss they don't have to. Thank you, Sincerely, Linda Santana

    • Zoe Leishman WARWICK, NY
      • over 1 year ago

      It is a fundamental human right to be with your own family regardless of the case

    • William DeBruhl WARWICK, NY
      • over 1 year ago

      People have the right to be with their family regardless of their nationality. Immigration laws should recognize this fundamental right.

    • Phoebe Hamilton ROCKY HILL, CT
      • over 1 year ago

      Karen Lococo is a wonderful asset to the mental health org and helps people regain their lives. She is one of the most responsible and passionate adults Ive gotten to know. I cannot imagine anyone in her family not being the same. i didnt know such a policy under Pres. Obama actually existed and certainly with his liberal stance on so many issues, I cannot believe he would condone hard-working middle class famililies to bankruptcy and trauma when an adult family mbr clearly has been rehabilitated. The issue of immigration is for adults who have illegally entered the country. Since he is the only Australian-born adult in an entire family and is of good standing here in the US and is willing legally to do whatever he can in his power to remain w/his family, gainfully employed (paying taxes) and being an upstanding citizen in all, I think it is absolutely ludicrous that this is such a black and white policy which doesnt assess each adults merits and situation. If I hear that this has not been rectified, I will write...get on the phone w/every CT district Senator (Paul Doyle) and state Rep (Tony Guerrera) and anyone else (Chris Dodd) I imagine would help (Congressman Larson). This needs to be resolved and modified for good law-abiding citizens who have happened to make a mistake as a young adult and a policy has changed currently swooping up old offenders in its aftermath regardless of there status. Addicition is a real illness and essentially occurs due to self-medicating mental illness. I can say I have several addicts in my family, all in recovery today but ranged from alcoholism to drug addiction. However, they were born in the USA. They got rehabilitated and today lead healthy, productive lives and pay US taxes too to keep the services roling and military armed. Do think on this hard, its a policy which needs adjs and you cannot slam a cookie-cutter mentality on such a big issue. It may take more thought and effort but God knows the US wastes tons of $ in DC monthly, hire someone to look at adults in a case for case situation and it would take 15 mins to make such decisions. Do the RIGHT thing by this family, seriously. Phoebe Hamilton - CT, USA


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