Make it Easier to Recycle #5 Plastics!
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Make it Easier to Recycle #5 Plastics!

    1. Rachel Senchenkova
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      Rachel Senchenkova

      Rochester, MN

Recycling is a growing movement and a lot of us take part in it by recycling paper products and plastic bottles. But what about the yogurt cups, hummus tubs, or cottage cheese containers? Items like these, as well as medicine bottles and some microwave safe take out containers, are typically made from #5 plastic, or polypropylene. Today, only 28 out 100 of the largest U.S. cities collect plastic containers beyond bottles, but many areas still do not. #5 plastics are everywhere and they can be put to good use. Garbage and recycling bins, water filtration systems, shipping pallets, sheeting and automotive battery casings are just a few of the products that can be made out of recycled polypropylene.


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