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U.S. Advancement in Aquaculture Growth
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U.S. national government and U.S. individual state governments

U.S. Advancement in Aquaculture Growth

    1. Heather Louise Dumas
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      Heather Louise Dumas

      Toney, AL

(Source: Earthsky.org) As of 2012, we live in a world with over 7 billion inhabitants. Human population continues to increase at a rate that makes food production a critical need for future generations. The fastest growing food commodity is AQUACULTURE, which has grown at a rate of nearly 10% per year since 1985. However, aquaculture in the United States has not shared the growth shown in other countries. Why does the U.S. lag in aquaculture? The issue is clearly not the market in the U.S., as we import very large quantities of seafood, including aquaculture products, every year. The U.S. (should) try to produce more products from aquaculture. Why? Thailand is a great example of Aquaculture's positive affect: between 1989 and 2009, the production of white-legged shrimp in Thailand increased from nearly zero in 1989 to about 590,000 U.S. tons in 2009. This increase resulted in a value of $1.6 BILLION (USD) for the marine shrimp produced, created millions of JOBS, and helped revitalize the rural ECONOMY.


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