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Stop protecting pedophiles from writing how to guides

    1. Danielle Ekberg
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      Danielle Ekberg

      Mount Dora, FL

Because of our first ammend rights, many pedophiles are able to gain access to books that describe how to "love" a child. These books come with NO pictures in them so they can be called something other than what they really are. Tell Congress and the President that it's time to stop protecting child rape manuals that have no pictures in them from being protected by the First Ammendment. Tell them that there is NO difference between a book with child pornographic pictures and a piece of "fiction" with no pictures that describes how to "love" a child. Tell them that Child Pornography IS still child pornography.

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    • Danielle Ekberg MOUNT DORA, FL
      • over 2 years ago

      I started this because pedophiles are hiding behind the First Amendment to feed their sick,twisted desires. Everyone has the right to live their lives without fear but that is compromised for our children iwth books out there telling pedophiles how to go about it.


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