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  • Petitioned US Congress and the President of the United States

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US Congress and the President of the United States

US Congress and the President of the United States: Federal Ban/Criminalization of Horse Meat (Export/Import) for Consumption

    1. David Tam
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      David Tam

      Tulsa, OK

There are currently no places in the US where horses are slaughtered for their meat for human consumption. Oklahoma wants to legalize the slaughter of horses for human consumption, both for EXPORT and within Oklahoma. If merely even the export to other countries is allowed, individuals, corporations and states will drive the PRODUCTION of horses for this purposes. Also horses could be trafficked and sold for EXPORT to countries outside of the US, who DO consume horse meat.

US Congress and the President of the United States
Federal Ban/Criminalization of Horse Meat (Export/Import) for Consumption

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    • Diane Randall SARASOTA, FL
      • 5 months ago

      We don't want to do to these magnificent animals what we've done to domestic meat animals such as pigs, chickens, turkeys, etc. Please ensure this does not happen! We need to preserve beautiful free areas for horses and other wildlife to thrive. These areas and the wildlife who depend on them will vanish into wastelands of violent greed.. and extinction of many species. We are the Lighthouse of the world, let's show all that greed is not healthy or fair. If you disagree, go out and find some horses and still them in cages so small they can't move, then kill a horse, and sit down with your famiy - children, grandparents, everyone - and prepare a feast. Tell your family what they're about to eat, show them your "horse farm," then see how you feel! Horses are sacred creatures, just as we are.

    • Ryan Martin LITTLETON, CO
      • 6 months ago

      Animals are already enslaved at an alarming rate, lets not continue the wrong patterns

    • Samantha Rank TOLEDO, OH
      • 8 months ago

      this petition is agents the slaughter of horses right?

    • Christie Bradley DEFUNIAK SPRINGS, FL
      • 8 months ago

      Horses are very sensitive and there is not humane way to slaughter them. There are plenty of other animals out there that aren't very intelligent...if we're going to eat animals, let's eat those.

    • Buchenau Manfred KREUZAU, GERMANY
      • 8 months ago



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