Urge the UK Government to Continue the Fight against Hunger
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Urge the UK Government to Continue the Fight against Hunger

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      Concern Worldwide (UK)

In June 2013 at the pre-G8 Nutrition for Growth event - under the leadership of the UK government - global leaders, developing countries, NGOs and the private sector committed £2.7 billion to tackle undernutrition amongst the most vulnerable people between now and 2020. 

But, a new Lancet series study shows we need to invest £45 billion by 2020 to save the lives of 1 million children under five and reduce stunted growth in 33.5 million more. In short, we need to start spending the pledged money now - or helping 33.5 million children won’t be possible. 

Concern are committed to spending £38.3 million, half of our pledged funds, by 2016 on projects to tackle undernutrition - such as helping communities cultivate cowpeas. We are calling on The British Government to follow suit. 

Fill in the form to add 10 cowpeas to our cooking pot and when itʼs full to the brim, we will present it to Mr Cameron to show how much the people of the UK want him to honour his pledge early.

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    • Anita Kanitz STUTTGART, GERMANY
      • 9 months ago

      The situation of the world around us can be painted in a picture of the darkest possible colours. On one hand, the arms race absorbs for deadly purposes 40 million dollars every 24 hours. On the other hand, immeasurable poverty affects the lives of three-quarters of the men, women and children in the world around us. The efforts for disarmament must therefore be an inextricable part of the efforts to solve the common problems of our time, problems which ultimately involve our very survival, the possibility to continue the human experiment."

      -- Inga Thorsson


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