Urge Obama not to Veto Senate Bill 909
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Urge Obama not to Veto Senate Bill 909

    1. Chris Marshall
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      Chris Marshall

      Big Rapids, MI

The Matthew Shephard act was passed but in order to speed up the process of passing senate bill 909 it was added to a bill that will increase the military funding of the F-22 project. However President Obama has stated many times that he will veto this bill and any bill to increase the number of F-22s or spending on them; this means that he will veto the Matthew Shephard act when it reaches his desk. Senate bill 909 cannot be undermined by this congressional action, please sign this petition to urge Obama to keep his word on supporting LGBT people, their families, children, and their right to live in a country that does not tolerate terrorism whether foreign or domestic.

*Photo from: http://nymag.com/daily/intel/2008/06/heilemann_on_obamas_vp_conundrum.html

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