Cross-departmentalize student Advising
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Cross-departmentalize student Advising

    1. Michael Salka
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      Michael Salka

      Durango, CO

As students working to diversify our education, we feel the university must provide more interdisciplinary advising to assist us in achieving our academic goals. A sustainable world is inherently multidisciplinary, requiring not only scientific education but also education in social sciences and the arts and humanities. Too often the isolated framework that the university's many departmental advisers currently operate within make it near impossible for students to move between different departments on campus, let alone colleges, or have a complete awareness of the valuable opportunities offered by the numerous programs on campus. An increased level of transparency between and improved communication between departments is necessary for students looking to get a multi-disciplined education in sustainability while still attaining the depth of investigation necessary for any particular degree.  Only by working towards this end will the university continue to produce well-rounded graduates able to develop a sustainable world and compete in the increasingly globalized and synthetic marketplace of today. Please, list your major and email address in the personal notes space and if possible a short descripion of your experience with this issue to serve as tesimony to help this cause!

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    • Steven Kluck BOULDER, CO
      • almost 2 years ago

      Sustainability is interdisciplinary in general and students need help connecting their passions and majors to the overarching ideas of sustainability and environmental stewardship. An advisor is the perfect person to be able to show students the amazing resources they have at CU - whether classes, professors, research, student groups, etc - and can give them the knowledge early on to keep them on track academically in pursuing a career incorporating sustainable principles.

    • Eliska Hajkova BOULDER, CO
      • almost 2 years ago

      because I want to have an option to take classes I am interested in and which are not in my major.

    • Patrick Brunner BOULDER, CO
      • almost 2 years ago

      Environmental Design Studies and Evolutionary Biology

      The challenges that await our generation will require interdisciplinary work to solve them. If CU would like to further improve their education, and reputation for sustainability, they should consider this simple process of integrating our academic advising. As a Double major attempting to combine my own sustainability track between two separate programs, I know how much interdisciplinary advising could help CU's education system.

    • sarahdawn haynes BOULDER, CO
      • almost 2 years ago

      Since you can't minor in Environmental Studies, students from all fields are trying to find a way to incorporate sustainability training into their industry. But their advisors don't know which classes or opportunities will help them build their resume because of silos and their time is full trying to do their job. This position would help advisors and students alike. We must get our students on track for being hired as leaders in their field, and this will help do that.

      ~Environmental Policy and Geography 2008

    • Nina Holtz BOULDER, CO
      • almost 2 years ago

      Environmental Studies

      The University of Colorado is known as one of the nation's leaders in combining sustainability and education. Regardless of our reputation, if we disregard the inclusivity required to become a completely sustainable institution, isolating environmentally-conscious practices and issues to certain departments, we will fail at upholding our reputation as a "green school".


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