Preserve the Arts in Santa Ana - Save the Santora & The Artists Village
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United Artists of Santa Ana

Preserve the Arts in Santa Ana - Save the Santora & The Artists Village

    1. United Artists of Santa Ana Downtown Artists Village
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      United Artists of Santa Ana Downtown Artists Village

      Santa Ana, CA

We, the undersigned, support the request for a binding agreement to protect the public investment in the Santora Arts Building as a professional artist's facility and preserve the quality of life in the Artists Village. As citizens of Santa Ana, business owners, tax payers and Artist Village patrons, we also support discrimination-free access to publicly funded art resources, ongoing support of individual artists, and additional investment for artist-driven businesses within the historic Santora Arts Building.

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Over the last 20 years, Downtown Santa Ana has built a national reputation as a City for the Arts. Key to this endeavor has been the substantial investment of public money in the historic Santora Arts Building and the Santa Ana Artists Village. Over one million dollars in public redevelopment funds were invested in the effort to create a professional hub for artists and an enriching cultural space for Santa Ana’s families and Orange County’s diverse population.

After all this work, the visionary goal of making Santa Ana a destination for art is finally becoming a reality, attracting world-renowned artists from around the globe to the Santora and arts organizations like Orange County Center for Contemporary Art (OCCCA), Grand Central Art Center (GCAC) and the Santa Ana College (SAC) Arts Gallery. Programs at the Artists Village receive recognition at the national level, and the vibrant variety of restaurants and shops make the Artists Village Promenade a welcoming destination for diverse visitors from all walks of life.

In April, Santa Ana’s artist community learned that the Santora Arts Building, the crowning jewel of the Artists Village, was being sold to Irvine-based NewSong Church, which announced plans to turn the building into a worship center for their religious and missionary work. These plans would irreparably harm the economy, purpose and quality of life of the Artists Village.

In an effort to protect the public investment in the Artists Village, the arts community of Downtown Santa Ana is requesting that NewSong Pastor Dave Gibbons, current Santora owner Mike Harrah, the City of Santa Ana and any potential buyers, sign a binding agreement to safeguard the public trust and uphold the two decades of public investment in the Santora that created a thriving arts center in the heart of downtown Santa Ana. UASA also seeks written assurance that the historic Santora Arts Building will never gutted or structurally altered.

To learn more about United Artists of Santa Ana (UASA), please visit our FB:

Also visit our online donation and sales page:

All donated funds will go to support our promotional efforts, retain council, and finance our upcoming Santora Arts Building Anniversary Celebration this July.


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    1. THANK YOU for helping us top 400+ signatures! Join us @ ArtWalk & Council!!

      Our advocacy is beginning to yield results!

      Mayor Pulido has created an Ad Hoc committee to address issues involving the Santora sale. This committee is meeting with UASA on Tues, 5/29 to draft a Letter of Understanding that commits any buyer to repair the building & safeguard freedom of expression in Santa Ana Artists Village.

      * READ the OC Register story about our struggle:

      * JOIN us @ the June Art Walk and show your support:

      SATURDAY, 6/2 - 6 to 10pm
      Broadway & 2nd Street
      Downtown Santa Ana, CA

      * VOICE your concerns about supporting a viable arts industry in the City of Santa Ana at this week's upcoming City Council meeting:

      City Council Chambers
      22 Civic Center Plaza
      Santa Ana, CA 92701

      MONDAY, 6/4 @ 5:30pm


      For more info about our cause, please visit our FB page:

    2. Over 300+ supporters have signed! Join us in presenting to City Council!!

      TODAY - Mon, 5/7 @ 5:30pm - United Artists of Santa Ana will take our petition to the City Council Meeting --> we are almost at 500 Signatures!! (digital and paper)

      Please join us and show your support for the Arts!

      We will be addressing the Santa Ana City Council during the public comments section. Anyone is able to speak their individual feelings and opinions on the matter. You must get there at 5:45PM in order to fill out a GREEN form and your name will be called accordingly by the clerk of the court.

      You will have 3 minutes of time to speak on your concerns regarding the sale of The Santora Arts Building to Councilman Benavides' evangelical NewSong church.


      City Council Chambers
      22 Civic Center Plaza
      Santa Ana, CA 92701

      MONDAY - 5/7 @ 5:30pm

      For more info about our cause, please visit our FB page:

    3. Reached 300 signatures
    4. THANK YOU for helping us reach over 200+ supporters in our first two days!

      UASA is truly inspired by the overwhelming support we've received for our petition to SAVE THE SANTORA & THE SANTA ANA ARTISTS VILLAGE. Over 200 signatures in 2 days!!

      We invite you to visit our UASA Artists Booth at the upcoming Santa Ana Art Walk, THIS SATURDAY - MAY 5th from 6pm-10pm. We'll be located on the Artists Village 2nd St Promenade (2nd & Broadway in Downtown Santa Ana) as well as inside the gorgeous Santora Building. We'd luv to meet you. ;-)

      Also JOIN US next week as we bring our petition and concerns to the Santa Ana Mayor & City Council THIS MONDAY, May 7th at 6pm. Together we can achieve anything!

      Remember to visit our FB page for the latest updates:

      Yours in Art,

      The United Artists of Santa Ana

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    Reasons for signing

    • Arlo Eisenberg SANTA ANA, CA
      • almost 2 years ago

      I moved to Santa Ana from LA over eight years ago because I believed in the vision and the dream of an Artists community. Over the years I have been witness to the evolution of Santa Ana into a viable cultural destination. The city has energy. People are talking about it. The Santora Building is the heart of Downtown Santa Ana and the arts are what keep it beating. Don't put a church in the middle of a thriving (burgeoning) arts scene. Dogma is bad for the free exchange of creative ideas. Art thrives on the honest, unencumbered (and completely vulnerable) exploration of ideas. Religion is pretty much the exact opposite of that. Keep Santa Ana's heart beating.

    • brent gothold SANTA ANA, CA
      • almost 2 years ago

      Art is GOD. I have grown up in Santa Ana and another "church" is the last thing we need. The Santora building is known for its artist not church. I dont understand why this is even a question?

    • Stepanka Vildova OCEANSIDE, CA
      • almost 2 years ago

      I used to have a studio in Santa Ana Artist Village and it was a great and refreshing time. Everybody should be able to enjoy such companionship and creative critique from other artists.

    • Lizanne Webb MARINA DEL REY, CA
      • almost 2 years ago

      No church in this economy will uphold any agreement not to use this building fully, for their own needs. Nor will they put any additional money into it's upkeep and preservation. This building is a treasure in more ways than one! Artist spaces are dwindling and, as such, we are losing a crucial part of our culture. Maintaining this space for artists is about maintaining an essential aspect of our human fabric in this community ... for people of all ages (children through senior). The arts center has become a unique "go-to" point in Santa Ana not only for its residents, but as a draw for people from other areas. If Santa Ana were to let this go, it would be guilty of culturally bankrupting its community and deteriorating any chance of growth. With a little skillful marketing to areas outside Santa Ana, the Santora Arts Building and the Santa Ana Artists Village could become an artistic event destination for Los Angeles and points beyond. You just need a strategic plan, NOT a quick sale to the highest bidder. What a shame if you let this happen in such an absence of realism.

    • christina sanchez COSTA MESA, CA
      • almost 2 years ago

      because DTSA needs the Santora Arts building. So many galleries in there that are thriving and the DTSA arts village has changed for the positive. Loosing this will be only bad to the community.


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