Discipline Regnerus Editor James Wright
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Provost, University of Central Florida
Dr. Tony Waldrop
Nursing School, University of Central Florida
Julee Waldrop
Chair, UCF Department of Sociology
Dr. Jana Jasinski
UCF General Counsel
Scott Cole
A gay UCF employee
Michael Freeman
President of the University of Central Florida
John C. Hitt
University President's Chief of Staff
John F. Schell
UCF President's Assistant Chief of Staff
Nancy Marshall
Editor in Chief, Central Florida Future
Andy Zunz
General News Line
Knight News, UCF Campus Paper

Discipline Regnerus Editor James Wright

    1. Scott Rose
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      Scott Rose

      New York, NY

We, the undersigned, demand that you enforce the University of Central Florida's "CREED" against your faculty member James Wright, who violated it in multiple egregious ways in publishing anti-gay hit-job papers by Mark Regnerus, Loren Marks, and Walter Schumm in Elsevier's journal "Social Science Research," which is headquartered on the UCF campus.

Please note that when your university's CREED was first promulgated, UCF's Patricia MacKown said: "It is not a student creed but a creed for the entire community, it does not apply to students only."

Take Item 1 of the CREED: INTEGRITY: "I will practice and defend academic and personal honesty."

UCF's James Wright violated the INTEGRITY pledge from UCF's creed -- twice -- in June, 2012, and then again in November, 2012, when he knowingly published Mark Regnerus's lie that his anti-gay-rights funders -- who are religious anti-gay bigots -- played no role in his study design, data collection or data analyses.

In August, 2012, investigative reporters documented beyond all doubt that Regnerus's funders were involved in the study design of the so-called "New Family Structures Study." Wright ignored those investigative reporters' presentations of the evidence, and went ahead to publish the same galling lie from Regnerus in his follow-up NFSS, non-peer-reviewed paper in November.

Investigative work has demonstrated that while the combined Marks and Regnerus papers were contrived for use as a bigot's cudgel against gay people, not a single one of the peer reviewers is trained or experienced in LGBT-sciences. All of the peer reviewers had conflicts of interest, including fiduciary conflicts of interest, with Regnerus funding agency representative W. Bradford Wilcox among the worst.
When NFSS paid consultant Dr. Paul Amato was smoked out as a peer reviewer of the Regnerus paper, he made this public confession: "I understand that providing a review was not a good idea, because one should avoid even the hint of impropriety in matters like this. "

The NFSS was commissioned by anti-gay bigots with the stipulation that it be carried out by somebody opposed to LGBT equality. It's anti-gay conclusions were so firmly decided in advance, that Regnerus and Wilcox traveled with Witherspoon money in August, 2011 -- BEFORE DATA COLLECTION OCCURRED -- to discuss NFSS media and P.R. promotions with the religious anti-gay bigot Glenn Stanton of Focus on the Family. Regnerus reported back to Witherspoon president Luis Tellez that the meeting went well, and they had a good study promotions plan moving forward.

Among the people to acknowledge that Regnerus lied in his paper, and that Wright committed gross editorial misconduct in publishing the two Rengerus anti-gay packages, are Dr. Cecilia Ridgeway -- President of the American Sociological Association -- and Dr. Philip Cohen -- Director of Graduate Studies in Sociology at the University of Maryland. Both have told UCF's James Wright that the intellectual integrity of "Social Science Research" depends on the Regnerus paper being retracted.

UCF boasts of "Social Science Research" being a "top journal" housed on campus. It is past time for you to begin to restore honor to your campus. Tell James Wright to acknowledge publicly that he published Regnerus's lie, knowingly, twice, and then pressure him, however you must, until he retracts the Regnerus, Marks and Schumm papers.

The LGBT community has matured. We will not stand for the dishonest academic James Wright violating your university's creed and getting away with it at our expense.

Dr. Tony Waldrop, Provost, University of Central Florida
Julee Waldrop, Nursing School, University of Central Florida
Dr. Jana Jasinski, Chair, UCF Department of Sociology
Scott Cole, UCF General Counsel
Michael Freeman, A gay UCF employee
John C. Hitt, President of the University of Central Florida
John F. Schell, University President's Chief of Staff
Nancy Marshall, UCF President's Assistant Chief of Staff
Andy Zunz, Editor in Chief, Central Florida Future
Knight News, UCF Campus Paper, General News Line
Discipline Regnerus Editor James Wright

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    • duana welch AUSTIN, TX
      • about 1 month ago

      I am a social scientist. Deciding on PR *before data collection* smacks of a lack of integrity, whatever the topic. In this particular case, it appears nothing short of gay-bashing was intended. Unconscionable. I hope the journal of Social Science Research can recover, and that the appropriate disciplinary action to somehow make right this miscarriage of professional and moral obligation is done.

    • Linda Willis TORONTO, CANADA
      • 8 months ago

      Academic integrity matters. The academic and ethical flaws in Regnerus's research and the shoddy, rushed peer review process are such that the article should be retracted.

    • Anne Tischer ROCHESTER, NY
      • 9 months ago

      I know LGBT people who are at risk of death or imprisonment in Russia and Uganda because of this discredited fraud's warped work. Shame.

    • Rose King CORPUS CHRISTI, TX
      • 9 months ago


    • Mary Finnie SEASIDE, CA
      • 9 months ago

      Because people can't help who they fall in love with and children are NOT BETTER OFF IN ORPHANAGES. IDIOTS!


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