Travelers Insurance, MO-PERM Insurance: Stop Discriminating Against African American Contractors
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Ashley Maagero, Public Policy & Community Relations
Travelers Insurance
David Kormann, Executive Director
Missouri Public Entity Risk Management Fund (MO-PERM)
Pitzer Snodgrass, P.C.
Christopher J. Lang
Pitzer Snodgrass, P.C.
J. Todd Applegate

Travelers Insurance, MO-PERM Insurance: Stop Discriminating Against African American Contractors

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Travelers Insurance, Missouri Public Entity Risk Management Fund (MO-PERM) and its affiliates have actively allowed its insured Joplin School District to mismanage insurance funds received from the May 2011 tornado disaster by refusing to pay its African American contractors, and agreeing only to pay White contractors for worked completed on the natural disaster relief efforts.

Travelers Insurance and MO-PERM are aware of the racially discriminatory actions taken against the African American contractor while working in Joplin, MO, to include death threats, police reports, restraining orders, FBI involvement, racially verbal abuse, and racial intimidation. 

The demands for justice and equal rights for African American contractors have been ignored by Travelers and MO-PERM offices. Hold the insurance companies accountable for the mismanagement, fraud, and racial discrimination they granted.

We need you to stand with People Who Care for truth and justice! Stop the bullying. Stop the intimidation. Stop the racism. We are all equal in this great country.

Boycott Travelers, boycott MO-PERM, hold the big businesses accountable for the allowance of discrimination and abuse by a public agency.

African Americans voted in record numbers during the 2012 presidential election; not for gifts, welfare, nor for entitlement programs but for our civil liberties to be protected. 

Sign this petition and demand that Travelers Insurance, MO-PERM and its affiliates stop giving funds to public agency insurance abusers.

Travelers Insurance, Ashley Maagero, Public Policy & Community Relations
Missouri Public Entity Risk Management Fund (MO-PERM), David Kormann, Executive Director
Christopher J. Lang, Pitzer Snodgrass, P.C.
J. Todd Applegate, Pitzer Snodgrass, P.C.
Stop Discriminating Against Minority Contractors #pplwhocare

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    1. We've Got Their Attention!

      People Who Care followers and supporters, we have Travelers and Travelers customers attention. Let's continue to rally and bring awareness to this unfortunate cause. Please continue to spread the word about the discrimination and intimidation exhibited. Change starts from the ground up.

    2. 200 Signatures & Counting.

      Another one hundred people have shown their support in bringing awareness toward Travelers & MOPERM's discrimination against a minority contractor. Help right their wrong doings. Help ensure accountability. Help make sure that this contractor is treated fairly. Change starts from the ground. #pplwhocare

    3. 100 Signatures & Counting!

      Today marks a great day! We've reached out to our first 100 People Who Care. This is an awesome start but we need more! Help us bring accountability to discrimination. If we never speak out we'll continue to endure the hardships. Let's keep the momentum up. Change starts from the ground up! #pplwhocare

    4. Reached 100 signatures
    5. Joplin School District Environmental & Demolition Photos Added

      Go to our facebook page to see Before & After Photos of the Joplin, MO tornado relief work completed. Spread the word!

      People Who Care

      Please sign our petition today. Each signature counts. We need 10,000 signees to bring awareness to...

    6. Moving Forward

      Change begins from the ground up. Help us lay the foundation! Share our Facebook page with your friends, family, and community!

      People Who Care

      Please sign our petition today. Each signature counts. We need 10,000 signees to bring awareness to...

    7. Reached 50 signatures
    8. MOPERM, Travelers Insurance Support Racial Discrimination

      African Americans ruled by fear? In Southwest Missouri, home of Joplin, MO this is the case. Unbeknownst to the rest of the country, a small business African American contractor completed the town’s three largest schools demolition projects after the devastating May 2011 tornado. Just in time for the President of the United States to arrive May 2012, graduation time. But by then, the contractor was gone, swept out of town.

      Why? A black owned and operated small business contractor was less than desirable in the close-knit community of Joplin. The employees were harassed, belittled, and verbally abused, referred to as the “N” word, “N” lover, "wetbacks", and “boy” everyday. Daily, locals shouted “go home, get out of our town”. Threats of white supremacy groups greeting them on the jobsite. Vehicle windows shot out. Equipment fuel lines cut. And the worst, an attempted $10,000 contract killing.

    9. MOPERM, Travelers Insurance Co. Support Insurance Abuse

      Why didn’t they speak up? The local police were called, a restraining order filed, and local FBI involvement. The Joplin School District didn’t stop the hatred, they joined in & joined forces with the local community to edge the African American contractor out. Not just with racial discrimination but also with financial intimidation, firing the contractor after all the work was done.

      Travelers Insurance gave the Joplin School District $89 million dollars in disaster damages. Joplin School District paid everyone but the small business African American contractor who did all the work. MO-PERM Insurance has ignored the racial bias & refused to allow a complaint to be filed in their office. Whereas Travelers Insurance "lost" all complaints filed.

      Travelers & MO-PERM support fraud, mismanagement and racial bias by their insured. Don’t support insurance companies who fuel fiscal mismanagement and discrimination. Don't support companies who give money away to insurance abusers!


    Reasons for signing

    • Sean Gregory DALLAS, TX
      • over 1 year ago

      End racial discrimination now!

    • Brandi Hill CHILDERSBURG, AL
      • over 1 year ago

      It's happened to me and ruined my business, because I was a woman.

    • Viola Washington LAS VEGAS, NV
      • over 1 year ago

      As we approach 2013, and we see that some progress has been made, this story shows there is still a lot to be done. The attitudes of some of the people in Joplin, MO makes me think back to the times when some though that Black people did not deserve respect or good paying jobs. Receiving death threats. being verbally abused. and having equipment damaged..all because a Black company is working on a job??? I'm sickened by this behavior and further sickened by the fact that Joplin officials were aware of it and did nothing. I don't see how Travelers, a corporation with innumerable Black customers can silently acquiesce in this behavior. Travelers will not get my business.

    • Jennifer Taylor ATLANTA, GA
      • over 1 year ago

      The actions of Travelers, MOPERM, and Joplin School District are disturbing. No person or company should be forced to work in a hostile environment which promotes hatred & violence. Americans should have the opportunity to work without subjection to racial bias & financial intimidation big businesses and public agencies.

    • Leon Staples ATLANTA, GA
      • over 1 year ago

      Wrong is wrong. We feel for the residents of Joplin because of the terrible tornado, however that does not give anyone the right to mistreat someone else. I stand with you Nicole.


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