Stop the Arcadia landfill.
  • Petitioned Town Supervisor and Town Board Town of Arcadia New York

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Richard Colacino – Supervisor
Town Supervisor and Town Board Town of Arcadia New York
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Brenda Westcott
Town Board Member
Bruce Nielsen
Town Board Member
Gary McIlwain
Town Board Member
Michael Diamond

Stop the Arcadia landfill.

    1. J Rothpearl
    2. Petition by

      J Rothpearl

      Newark, NY

March 2013


The community of the town of Arcadia (New York) won their campaign to the Town Supervisor and the Town Board, asking them to stop the Arcadia landfill.

The Town of Arcadia is a rural agricultural community with the Village of Newark as its urban core. The future vision of the community centers on preserving the distinct features of both the village and the surrounding rural areas of the town. Community residents value the natural rural setting characterized by drumlins and farm fields and the walk able village setting providing shops, services, recreational facilities, and employment. Sustainability of the community requires strengthening the economic
vitality of the business sector to continue to provide jobs for those who choose to live here. The Erie Canal spurred early development of Newark, and is a key asset for revitalizing the community.

The vision of this comprehensive plan is to develop a plan for sustainable community growth that meets the needs and desires of the citizens in terms of housing, healthcare, education, employment and recreation. The plan must also reflect their desires to maintain and sustain a local economy that is attractive to future business growth and tourism while maintaining a rural atmosphere

The overall goals of the plan are:
• The Town and the Village must insure that future development takes into
consideration the environmental impact of our water quality, water supply, open space, scenery and historic preservation. There must be a balance between the past and future land uses.
• The municipalities should pursue opportunities to cooperate with other
municipalities in joint projects to reduce project costs and resources.
• The Village and Town governing bodies should work together to provide
efficient services in the best interests of all residents.

Town Supervisor and Town Board Town of Arcadia New York, Richard Colacino – Supervisor
Brenda Westcott, Town Board Member
Bruce Nielsen, Town Board Member
Gary McIlwain, Town Board Member
Michael Diamond, Town Board Member
Stop the Arcadia landfill.

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    1. Yeessh

      J Rothpearl
      Petition Organizer
      Town of Arcadia taxpayers on the hook for $172K for dumped Dump - The Times of Wayne County

      Arcadia Town Supervisor Richard (Dick) Colacino and the Arcadia Town Board received a letter dated March 28, 2013 from Arcadia Hills, LCC withdrawing its intent to purchase the former Arcadia Landfill off Route 88 North. The proposal, initially backed by Colacino and the Board officially began when a purchase offer was made to the Town back on May 8, 1012.

    2. Arcadia Community Debating Landfill Proposal

      J Rothpearl
      Petition Organizer
      Arcadia Community Debating Landfill Proposal

      A local developer's plans to build a landfill on 161 acres of land in Arcadia has sparked a debate in Wayne County. In March, the company Arcadia Hills approached the town board about purchasing the land. Town officials are looking at the financial advantages the proposal offers, but some who live nearby fear the project will hurt their quality of life.

    3. Proposed Arcadia landfill may be dumped

      J Rothpearl
      Petition Organizer
      Proposed Arcadia landfill may be dumped

      Tammy Whitacre / Messenger Post "No landfill" signs have been posted throughout Arcadia by residents opposing the proposal first brought before the public in June. Find whatever you're looking forwith Totally Local Yellow Pages With Arcadia Hills LLC engineers failing to return phone calls or answer emails, the future of the proposed solid waste facility in the town of Arcadia is in question.

    4. Who Knew?

      J Rothpearl
      Petition Organizer
      Visit to ALPCO Macedon site was plumb crazy

      Thomas Mangan,Monroe County Elections 2010 Examiner Thomas Mangan has 40 years experience writing about everything under the sun - software, high tech equipment, politics, research papers, speeches, movie reviews, and obituaries. He's a Vietnam Veteran, who is passionate about politics and fiercely independent. Thomas no longer updates this page,...

    5. Town Of Arcadia Leaves Constituents in the Dark Without a Website

      J Rothpearl
      Petition Organizer

      If the Town of Arcadia can’t logistically and financially support a working, running, and timely updated website it becomes incredibly clear they should not be responsible for spending hundreds of thousands of dollars of tax payer’s money.
      It would be wrong for the Town to picky back on The Village of Newark’s current website. As mentioned in the last Town of Arcadia Board meeting 12/10/2012, Supervisor Richard Colacino said the Board would look into shared services with The Village of Newark to use the Village Website. Which I may point out is looking very nice.

    6. Nov 26th Town Board meeting

      J Rothpearl
      Petition Organizer
      JOHN SMITH: Arcadia residents want answers from Town Board

      As person after person spoke, it became obvious that the normally "well-mannered citizens of Arcadia" are becoming increasingly upset with the board's refusal to answer even the most basic questions about the landfill.

    7. As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls

      J Rothpearl
      Petition Organizer
      Big change for Newark's Skyline - The Times of Wayne County

      Rumors have been travelling around Newark for a month or more. Is it true that the theatre is closing? What is happening at the Newark Village Pharmacy? Will Rite Aid in Newark move from their current location? The answers all appear to be yes.

    8. Town of Arcadia has no Website

      J Rothpearl
      Petition Organizer

      Why is it that the Town Of Arcadia (the largest populated in Wayne County) has no website?
      Wayne County Towns And Villages


      Town of Arcadia
      (No Web Site)
      Town of Butler
      (No Web Site)
      Town of Galen
      Town of Huron
      Town of Lyons
      Town of Macedon
      Town of Marion
      Town of Ontario
      Town of Palmyra
      Town of Rose
      (No Web Site)
      Town of Savannah
      (No Web Site)
      Town of Sodus
      Town of Walworth
      Town of Williamson
      Town of Wolcott
      Village of Clyde
      Village of Lyons
      Village of Macedon
      Village of Newark
      Village of Palmyra
      Village of Red Creek
      Village of Sodus
      Village of Sodus Point
      Village of Wolcott

    9. Town Board Meeting 11/26/12

      J Rothpearl
      Petition Organizer

      The Town Board granted themselves more time to answer the amazing SEQR letters. Town wants us to pay for a lawyer to help answer the letters and proceed with the scoping document phase.
      Below is Laywer and Firm The Town Supervisor referred to at meeting.


      John has been active in both the Monroe County and New York State Bar Associations. Locally, he enjoyed multiple terms as an officer and trustee of the County Bar Association, served as Chair of the Fee Arbitration Committee, and has worked on several of the Bar Association's standing committees.

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    11. Brantling Hill and Zurich Bog

      J Rothpearl
      Petition Organizer

      from / Newark

      Arcadia boasts Wayne County’s only ski slope — at Brantling Hill — and also has Zurich Bog, a 414-acre biological park. The area is known for its rolling hills, which were formed by glacial action.

      The village of Newark, in the heart of the town, was formerly known as the “Rose Capital” because the Jackson & Perkins Nursery was located there. Arcadia and Newark are along the Erie Canal.

      Population: 14,244 (Arcadia); 9,145 (Newark).

      Median home price: $89,300 (Arcadia); $89,600 (Newark).

      Median household income: $45,890 (Arcadia); $43,290 (Newark).

      Base town tax rate: $4.87 per $1,000 assessed valuation outside the village; $2.73 inside the village.

      Village tax rate: $12.20 per $1,000 assessed valuation.

      Town supervisor: Richard Colacino.

      Village mayor: Peter M. Blandino.

      Town information: (315) 331-1222.

      Village information: (315) 331-4770.

      Recreation: (315) 331-

    12. Town Supervisor quoted from a July 1, 2012 article about Waynce County

      J Rothpearl
      Petition Organizer

      I'm sure a landfill is not a reason to visit?

      Colacino said his goal is to get the 13 million people who live east of Wayne County to come visit the area and see what the entire Finger Lakes region has to offer. Wayne County alone boasts a booming fishing and boating industry, apple farm tours, the Montezuma Wildlife Refuge, Mormon history, the birthplace of Spiritualism in Hydesville, skiing and snowmobile sports activities, the Erie Canal and its trails, several museums and bed and breakfasts. The Finger Lakes adds wine tours, auto and horse racing, a casino, four colleges, Sonnenberg Gardens, the birthplace of the women’s right movement in Seneca Falls and several hotels.

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    14. Say Yes to Solar and Green! Say no to Landfill!

      J Rothpearl
      Petition Organizer

      An Arcadia citizen followed this garbage truck on the thruway for many miles as it leaked on our roads. Lake Country or Trash Country, You Decide By Finger Lakes Zero Waste Coalition The Finger Lakes Region is becoming the dumping ground for everyone else's garbage.

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    Reasons for signing

    • Donna Quinn LYONS, NY
      • over 1 year ago

      I am a business owner in the village of Newark, and just recently bought a home in the town of Arcadia. The last thing I want to see is a landfill in my beautiful back yard. My concerns are for the safety of all, humans, wildlife, ponds and creeks. I now ask the town supervisor and the town board member’s, would you like to live in a cesspool of garbage in your backyard?

    • Amanda Lee NORTH ROSE, NY
      • over 1 year ago

      I am originally from Newark, and want to move back in the near future. But has anyone been to Seneca Falls lately? Especially summertime? The smell is awful, that alone is a great reason to "Kill the Fill".

    • Deborah DiSanto NEWARK, NY
      • over 1 year ago

      I have lived, in person with the effects of a landfill development behind our business and house in Waterloo, NY. I could not stand it, I could not live in the house or wash anything with the water . On a day with cloud cover the stench was UNBEARABLE. Anyone with Asthma, COPD, or any kind of sinus problems, Allergic rhinitis ,including but not limited to migraines WILL SUFFER GREAT HEALTH DETERIORATION, ( you can expect to wait in line at your Dr.s because the lines will be longer.) The pond became like a sewer , the air had a smell you wouldn't want your clothes to smell like, not to mention breath.,Wildlife changed too, song bird were replaced by scavenger birds. Rabbits, squirrel, foxes,chipmunks etc.. gave way to rats, skunks ,possums and coy-dogs..and the like.

      The roads had potholes big enough to do enormousness financial damages to vehicles. The traffic of big trucks and out of area drivers will more than double and tempers WILL FLARE, theses guys are tired and away from their homes (NOT HAPPY DRIVERS).

    • Arthur Orlopp LYONS, NY
      • over 1 year ago

      Careful and accurate study will show this is not a cost effective plan, it is detrimental to the environment, and Wayne county ahs already accepted more than a fair and reasonable portion of other's waste.

    • David Alexander MARION, NY
      • over 1 year ago

      The intent to fill this need is not the largest issue. The people of this community deserve an open explanation, and say in the overall approval of the process of containing the dangers to us, the people and the environment, as well as in the costs imposed upon our Township and County. Profits made from this endeavor should be entirely responsible and be available for any and all costs associated with its existence, and in the execution of all safeguards needed to prevent or resolve hazardous conditions that arise from its very inception, throughout its existence. Any other arrangement could be considered unethical, and subject to retribution on behalf of the vast majority of citizens affected, now and in the future.


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