Drop All charges against David "Doc" Wiggins and his land!!!!
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Town Court of Chili N.Y.....

Drop All charges against David "Doc" Wiggins and his land!!!!

    1. mark paradies
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      mark paradies

      rochester, NY

Doc Wiggins has a Farm and a Heart as big as his farm! In 2012 Doc had three fundraising events at his farm to help victims and their families from terrible situation that hit their families. The first was a benefit to raise money to compensate a family for the loss of their young daughter, Becky Allen and the medical bills that were still oustanding. Next was for "GSXR Dan" who lost his life a month earlier in a horrific motorcycle accident, leaving 8 children without a father. Last but not least was "Party on the farm" which helps a member of his family with medical expenses. Doc is a Vietnam war veteran who gave up very much for his country, and continues to give back to his community. The town of Chili N.Y. wants to put him in jail for 30-60days for "failure to comply" because he had a spring fed mud pit so he had mud trucks come in to play and put on a show for the events, and he could NOT fill it in after a unreasonable court order to fill it in in the middle of winter!. The town was notified and they came out to take a look. The town gave him the ok. The events went off without a hitch, until after "party on the farm"! Suddenly after the event he not only had a horrific stroke, but was slapped with all sorts of bogus tickets such as running a motorsport course, amoungst others.They wanted him to fill the hole, but it is a natural spring and you can`t "fill" it in, especially in the middle of winter! Doc has since gotten that part of the farm certified a "Wildlife refuge", but they STILL wamt to put Doc in jail for 30-60days for failure to fill in the spring fed hole in "their time allotment"! Did I mention he had a stroke and was a War Veteran? PLEASE sign this petition and tell Chili Town Court to drop the charges!
Sincerly, Mark B. Paradies

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Town Court of Chili N.Y....., Town of Chili Town Court clerk
Drop All charges against David "Doc" Wiggins and his land!!!!

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      • about 1 year ago

      because all the stupid shit that happens in ny will eventually trickle down to the southern states and doc is one of my boyhood heroes bein' a vietnam veteran... thanks doc,ftw

    • mark paradies ROCHESTER, NY
      • about 1 year ago

      I started this petition for him because I believe there is something very wrong with the way the town has handled the whole situation!

    • Paulette Hogan TAUNTON, MA
      • about 1 year ago

      Animals have rights

    • jane maxwel VESTAL, NY
      • about 1 year ago

      He is a good man trying to help others. He should be praised not condemned.

    • Leslie Kruk RIVERHEAD, NY
      • about 1 year ago



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