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TN Child Support Laws

TN Child support: Make a change for the wrongly accused fathers

    1. Amy Martin
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      Amy Martin

      hillsboro, TN

This is important because if the woman is married and gets pregnant, legally the law states the husband is automatically the father. They are told there is nothing he can do but accept it and pay for the child. My husband was married and separated (not legally). She got pregnant and called my husband the father. She took my husband to child support court and the court ordered him to pay child support. He told the court that the child was not his but they told him that since they were married he is legally the father unless he proves otherwise. He finally got her to agree to a paternity 2 years ago and the child is in fact not his. He took the DNA test to his court date to let them know the child wasn’t his and they pretty much told him it didn’t matter. Now the child is almost 12 years old and we are being told that my husband cannot get out of it. My husband has never been with the child and there was never a relationship. The law should not allow a person to keep receiving child support from a man who did not father their child. She is not pursuing the father because he does not work so she’ll be cutting off her money supply. She receives all government assistance that she can get and does not work. We have tried to reason with her to see if her current husband wanted to adopt the child but she does not want that and pretty much told my husband that he is stuck with this 18 year payment to Her. Help make this right to all the men out there who are stuck in this situation. This is not right and the mothers need to make it right by their kids. The law should hold the mothers accountable. Sign this petition to help make this right for all the wrongly accused men in the U.S.

TN Child Support Laws
Allow DNA tests for all child support cases including married

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    • alberta baxter BREMERTON, WA
      • 4 months ago

      This is why we have DNA tests.

    • Cindy Hutton BALDWIN PARK, CA
      • 4 months ago

      It is unfair to charge men child support when there is no shred of proof that they ARE the father.


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