Remove the 3.95 Modem lease fee
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Time Warner Cable

Remove the 3.95 Modem lease fee

    1. Don Eret
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      Don Eret

      San Diego, CA

In my particular case Time Warner Cable told me in October 2012
that my fees would not increase for one year and this 3.95 fee
for the modem lease is fraudulent.

Time Warner Cable
Please remove the 3.95 Modem lease fee

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      Don Eret
      Petition Organizer

      Keep the pressure on TWC . They already have a lawsuit filed against them for this . in New York and New Jersey on behalf of Manhattan resident Kathleen McNally and Fort Lee, N.J. resident Natalie Lenett. They are seeking class-action status for customers in all the states where TWC operates.,2817,2412196,00.asp


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    • brenda davis ONEONTA, NY
      • over 1 year ago

      my cable is spotty at best half of my channels only work once in awhile i have to get a new channel box every two months and you want to charge me more?

    • Rose Ellison NORWOOD, NY
      • over 1 year ago

      I have already been a customer and feel I shouldn't be charged this fee for something I already have.


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