Update your vaccine exemption laws to include non-medical exemptions
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The state of Mississippi

Update your vaccine exemption laws to include non-medical exemptions

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      kellie bischof

      Mesquite, TX

The State of Mississippi currently discriminates against unvaccinated and partially vaccinated children by denying parents the right to non-medical vaccine exemptions. School and daycare entry is withheld when a child is not vaccinated by the State's required schedule, even though there is no conclusive scientific proof that unvaccinated children present a health risk to the public any more than vaccinated children. 

This is medical discrimination. Parents are entitled to the right to refuse any and all vaccines, and still obtain a quality private or public education for their children. 

Parents deserve the right to informed consent, a basic principle of medical care which states that a person has the right to all the facts regarding a medical procedure and the right to either accept or refuse treatment. Therefore, Mississippi parents are entitled to the right to refuse any or all vaccines without penalty. 

We are requesting that the state of Mississippi take the steps necessary to immediately update its vaccine laws to include religious and philosophical vaccine exemptions for parents.

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    • Angela Taylor VIRGINIA BEACH, VA
      • about 2 years ago

      It is illegal to discriminate based on religion! Give the citizens of Mississippi the freedom of informed CHOICE

    • Sabrina Bowen NEW EAGLE, PA
      • about 2 years ago

      As someone who was injured by vaccines, I find the fact that anyone would know what they contain and still inject a child with them. In my opinion, vaccines should be abuse! They are highly toxic, not tested properly and have the ability to INJURE AND KILL! The fact that ANY government would require parents to inject a potentially deadly vaccine in to their child is terrifying. As a Parent, I would never put my child's health at risk! The State of Mississippi has a duty to it's citizens, and most of all to those children, to make exemptions readily available and easy to attain!

      Additionally forcing someone to violate their religious beliefs in this manor is completely unconstitutional!

    • Maria Moles BOMONT, WV
      • about 2 years ago

      I'm a WV Mama fighting for these same rights in my home state! I just want to lend a hand to my friends in MS and hope you guys get the laws changed! I've watched my two boys go through a combined 5 adverse reactions. I've also recently found out 170 or so babies were aborted, and their DNA harvested while they were yet alive, to be used in vaccines. As a mother, that is EXTREMELY disturbing! Everyone deserves the right to choose what is put into their body!

    • Laura Condon BEDFORD, NH
      • about 2 years ago

      Vaccine mandates are a violation of the medical ethic of informed consent.

    • brandy rebolledo SACRAMENTO, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      This is outragous not to allow .This is dicrimination!


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