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Stop Nithyananda from entering in to Malaysia

    1. Kalpana Rajprakash
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      Kalpana Rajprakash

      Bangalore, India

NIthyananda alias Rajasekar is an habitual liar who claims to have tantric and godly virtues in him. He is a liar of all kind starting from the Birth date which is different from his biography to passport.

In the name of being God's incarnation, he has lured and molested several women and also men in the world over which is estimated to be around 40 plus women and also some men.

Nithyananda foundation, in which Nithyananda himself is the president, was declared a fraud and cheating organisation by the US court and hence Nithyananda is avoiding to go to US.

There is a serious case pending against Nithyananda of rape and other charges in Ramanagaram court in Karnataka and he is avoiding to appear before the same for testing of his impotence which he claims to be true to avoid being penalised. a test can expose him of his potency and hence rape charges would be automatically apply to him.

Nithyananda can be challenged of his ability easily and enlightenment but for his readiness to be challenged.

The single largest purpose of his visit is to raise money for his lavish expenditures and charges for a couple of hours of program a whopping USD350 or RM 1100 for his program planned in Malaysia. This is to get about 1000 people in a gathering and give them a lecture and make RM1100000 without spending a single penny from his pocket.

There are affected women in Malaysia who are avoiding to make any statement against him and i request malaysian government to investigate his activities. in the past in Malaysia.

Contrary to the claim he is head of 1500 years old madurai adheenam, he is declared to be a non-entity in the adheenam by the government and tamilnadu government made it clear his appointment cannot be given effect as there is an existing mutt head in madurai adheenam and if in case the vacancy takes place they will decide who shall be the head of madurai adheenam at an appropriate time leaving no scope for nithyananda to head the mutt.

Having raped several women he is on prowl now agains in to various countries including Malaysia for his exigencies.

we request the hounourable prime minister of Malaysia not to issue visa for this fraud as well as ensure investigations are initiated for his past activities in malaysia where a number of women were victims of his activities.

Thanking you,
yours sincerely,
Kalpana Rajprakash

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    • Alexandre Nobre LISBOA, PORTUGAL
      • almost 2 years ago

      Nithyananda is a cheater and a liar. He is the Antichrist. A man who preaches brahmacharya accusing the followers of Osho who did sex in their ashrams of idiocy and then receives a blowjob from Ranjitha and doesn´t have the guts to admit what he did lying (let´s not forget he said Krishna also used to lie). I was trapped into this cult but I was rescued by Jesus as He said He would in the Apocalypse.

    • Durga N INDIA
      • almost 2 years ago

      Nonsense Donkeys, idiots.. Mind your words.. Dogs.. Do your Business.. Shut Up You Buffolos..

      What do you know about him and his mission? You Guys are Nonsense.. Better do your work or comment on his below statement.. Non sense.. Suffer for Jenmas..

    • Eswar N INDIA
      • almost 2 years ago

      Because of You Nonsense

    • Mahakali N MALAYSIA
      • almost 2 years ago

      Some rats have no guts to come out when the lion roars. So they sign this kind of dumb petition. Looks like more than a dozen petitions but it is the same 2-3 donkeys signing under different names. Now all these donkeys, just a simple challenge for you: If you challenge or make fun of Nithyananda is Kalabhairava + Mahakali let you be destroyed...we will see the truth of this in just 6 months, dear sub-humans.

    • Priya D MY, MALAYSIA
      • almost 2 years ago

      Guru sishya prampara is a wonderful tradition which has to be protected from such exploitative devils. Such rogs spoil the sanctity of the tradition.


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